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Dreams that involves stealing is typically motivated or influenced by the devil to obtain your money or valueable things from you. However, some dreams about stealing can stand as losing some important things. When you dream of your items being stolen,, think deeply about the people that are closer to you and your relationship with God. This type of dream is a sign that you are operating under a curse of lack. It could be money, child, car, food, documents etc. If you are the one stealing from others, then the enemy wants to disgrace you and create problem of joblessness. If you are stealing and getting caught, it means you will stumble into big problems.

Having dream of stealing is a serious spiritual attack that can interfere with a person’s life, marriage, business, ministry, career, relationship etc. If you are waking up from a dream of stealing, you need to find out what was stolen from you. If it is your handbag that was stolen, then you need to pray for marital restoration. Such dream could occur, for example, when the enemy does not want you to prosper. Everything that your enemies, friends, have stolen from you shall come back to you in 100 folds, in Jesus name.

Do you feel the devil has carted away your hard earned money ? Are you wondering why the losses are much? This may worry you a lot and make you feel insecure all the time. If you are an investor, and you often dream of stealing, do you know that you may start to see low profit or non. if you are not financial discipline, giver, tither, then as a child of God, you must give.



1. Every curse of loss upon my life, I release myself from you, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it well)
2. Satanic robbers, I say no to you, you can’t rob me of my blessings. In the name of Jesus, die now by thunder. (Declare it well)
3. I arrest and bind every demon assigned to divert my total recovery now by fire, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it hard)
4. Wherever my destiny has been caged, wherever the destinies of my children/spouse…..(mention others) have been caged, I command you now to be released by fire, in the name of Jesus. (Hold your head)
5. Wherever my destiny has been hidden, I command you now to appear and locate me, in the name of Jesus. Powers using my star to shine, die in Jesus’ name.
6. I recover my destiny from the hand of destiny exchangers in the name of Jesus. My destiny be released, be released, be released, and locate me in the name of Jesus. (Command your destiny to appear)
7. My financial virtues: become an angel of war and fight your robbers in Jesus’ name.
8. You the star of my destiny arise and shine, in the name of Jesus.
9. Every satanic transaction done over my life while I was in the womb, perish by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. I pursue, I overtake and I recover by fire all the years the locust has eaten in my life in the name of Jesus!
10. Anything stolen from my life when I was age 1 and now, be restored by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. (Pray till your spirit tells you to stop)
11. Every serpent of darkness which has sucked my virtue, through sex with any satanic agent, vomit, my virtue and die, in the name of Jesus. (Renounce soul tie sexual relationship with your ex)

Read more at: https://www.evangelistjoshua.com/day-16-recovery-loss-virtues/



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