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  1. I have to share this.i know for a 100%fact u are a true profit.when I first became born again,I asked the Lord about you.he answered me about 1 hr.later.i was brushing my hair looking in the mirror and in my mind I heard him say,Ephesians I heard him but he sounded so far away so before I could ask him to repeat himself he repeated Ephesians 6 because he knew I was gonna ask him to repeat himself.i felt joy I was so happy the God of the universe took time to answer me!it was amazing.that is the only time the Lord has answered me audibly.i love you so much have taught me so much.and I thankyou.🤗I also thank the Lord for answering me and the fact I don't even have to worry or are what u say.I also wanna say I have heard a demon audibly in my mind before when I first became Born again.i would've rebuked that demon now,but I didn't know to do that at the time.i was getting ready in the same mirror and I heard a demon clear and loud as day in a cartoon characters voice mock me and say you are so smart.the voice was scooby basically calling me stupid.and I allowed that voice to hurt my feelings.i have since repented of this.anyways God bless you sister.

  2. Warnings upon warnings, for it is us who are to warn. but they must listen and heed to that warning. Thank you for warning the people. Blessings to you and you children . All Love <3

  3. Yesssss I'm going to run and read Psalm 119 right now!! And Psalm 147. I missed you sooo much Shawna. Please pray for me. I've been going through alot of spiritual and mental attacks.

  4. Sis Shawna, I believe you. I don't know how and I can't explain it but, I know in my heart when a person saying is true. And also last year after I watched one of your videos about 3 days of darkness, and prayed to God to show me the truth,because so many videos about it and most of the warnings come from USA, and I don't know anyone here in the Philippines have those warnings and I feel distressed about it. Then that night after my prayer I had a dream that confirms that the warnings are true.

  5. I don’t circle to many things in the Bible but I did circle a paragraph in psalms 119 wow confirmation that the lord is with me always I needed to hear this video thank you a blessing

  6. This must be confirmation or something last night I shared you’re post with someone body on face book who didn’t understand the 144 I told her I recremend Change is Comijg she seems like a strong Woman of God thank you Godbless

    Love Dominic

    Edit I sent her your playlist

  7. Im praying to God for the lost to get saved to believe in God God is the only way it would be great if we can pray for c for everyone everyday before it's too late Praise God praying for everyone everyday until my last breath God bless you all 🙏

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