Dream: Love note from Jesus “Jesus loves you. You are forgiven.”
Scriptures to follow dream.


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If you don’t know Jesus, accept Him today as your savior.
Jesus is God come to earth to redeem us. He was born, died on the cross, rose again on the third day to atone for our sins. Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and I need saving. I believe that you died for my sins and that you are the Lord. Please come into my heart and show me how to
live for you.



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  2. Please pray for all the folks in NC/SC that are going through this hurricane. Hundreds of thousands will be without power for weeks, not days. Devastation and losses are incredible.
    They need our help and prayers. Thank you.

  3. I just had a dream few days ago. In that dream I was in line, many people out and about… I was waiting to make an appointment for the dentist, it was outside. As I was waiting, I noticed something really bright. As I looked I saw a Beautiful Brillant White outfit. As I looked to see who was wearing this Beautiful outfit, it was Jesus!!! He was looking right at me and had a Big Smile!… Just then it was my turn to make appointment, I said, "Nevermind, Jesus is here, and He will heal me."

  4. My new main concern is the fact maybe I haven't done enough to share this, it'll be my fault, this guilt is overcoming me, I've been sharing stuff on Twitter and on Facebook, I feel I need to do more….oh Jesus please spare me, I know I'm not good enough :'(

  5. This morning I prayed for forgiveness. I read a passage in Revelation about being cast into outer darkness and also the blemish on the white garment. I was afraid I messed up. I know I did. But I saw your video about an hour later while waiting for the light rail. Felt great to hear that message. Thank you.

  6. ive seen my death.two choices. Head off or machine gunned in the back..ive seen both.don't understand why and have had no explanation or confirmation of the vivid prophetic dream, ,or should i say, nightmare!

  7. How exciting !!!!!
    I had a dream a couple of weeks ago and GOD brought it to my attention again today and told me in my spirit to remember it. In this dream I was boarding a very long white airplane and right when I fastened my seat belt, the flight attendant said to all of us that were in the airplane " This is to inform you that this is a one way trip" then the dream ended.
    Thanks a lot for sharing sister and GOD bless everyone!!!!
    Maranatha !!!!!

  8. Oh sweet Jesus my love for you is so irresistible and immense! ❤🌹❤ Please allow us to wear the beautiful sparkly white robes of righteousness! ☁️🐑❤ I want to be pure in your sight, my righteous King!

  9. This truly shows how beautiful your heart is to see this dream as for all of us and to share it rather than you just interpreting it for only you. So sweet and beautiful. Thank You 😊. You are a blessing. We are one in Christ.

  10. Amen, GLORY HALLELUJAH! thank you for the words of encouragement for all of us the body of Christ Jesus. Just keep on praying and TRUSTING JESUS All THE time. To all sons and daughters of ALMIGHTY FATHER see you in the air and in heaven. GOD BLESS US ALL AND TO GOD BE GLORY!!


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