Yes , it is Yellowstone National Park….



  1. Sister I woke this morning very early and had waking vision of the earth filled with volcanic eruptions all over. The earth was filled with lava smoke and was completely destroyed it looked like literal hell on earth. Things are being shown to God's people for warnings. People need to give their hearts to Jesus we don't have much time left. This vision really shook me up. I have never seen anything like it…it was horrible

  2. Wow it’s happening know yellowstone the biggest most catastrophic volano on earth is starting to wake up. Animals are behaving weird and the caldera is filled up. Yellowstone is going up pretty soon!
    The government is lying to us jusr like in the 2012 movie! When they tell you dont worry run!! And pray

  3. Sister, I just had a waking dream this morning where I was gazing out my open window and saw what looked like a large dust cloud with ashes falling down. The smoke was towering like in your dream. I also did not see any lava. I was literally shaking when I woke up. Something is about to happen soon.

    Mount Vesuvius just erupted in Italy last week (remember what happened to the Roman city of Pompeii). There are also many wildfires all over the world right now. It could be Yellowstone. Thanks for sharing your dreams and insights.

  4. Sister there are two types of eruptions with or without lava what you seen was Yellowstone erupt a grey eruption! Search super volcano on YT!!! I would not have known what you described had tge the Lord not led me to this film a few days ago God bless!

  5. I seen in your asteroid dream you talk about boulders falling from the sky on fire? Then you say the same thing in this dream I wonder if they are connected? Since we just had that asteroid/meteor strike the 15 is that the third or fourth trumpet?

  6. I have been warned about this also Sister!!!! I heard while Speaking in Tongues, "Yellowstone is to come back." I have now heard this many times!!!! God Bless and keep up, your work for the Lord!!!

  7. I just researched this a little bit. It's a super volcano that lies under Yellowstone. It would wipe out north America as we know it, setting off a chain of earthquakes and tsunamis. God help us all. Hopefully we're out of here before this happens.

  8. @jamesraymondsmithI 'm sorry but you are incorrect and I already sent you this info on the other message King James Study bible Luke 4:19 see the study notes on the bottom of the page for further information and explanation on the passage. God Bless maybe you need more bible study time.


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