Hidden In Christ 411 – Glorified Bodies Dream/144,000 and Nuclear War:

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  1. It's funny how you say that some people you just have to ignore. Ain't it the truth?! I have tried and tried to be kind to my next door neighbor and NOTHING has worked. She is just hateful. I came to the conclusion a few months back that the best thing i can do is ignore her. Since she cannot take her personal verbal jabs directly at me anymore she now uses 3rd parties to send the ballistic missiles and i just ignore those too and trust me it's been an effort. I pray for her all the time, too. GBU.

  2. My husband and I are under constant attacks. It's a difficult season and it's wearing me down. Saturday evening we ran into a woman who we went out of our way to help and she turned and attacked us afterwards. We hadn't seen her in four years. We have had our child get suddenly sick vomiting and high fever right after we saw her. And some big fighting between my husband and I and also really bad dreams. I think she is in witchcraft. My husband got a new job and he has a wizard there who is doing magic on people he wants to no longer work there. It's everywhere we turn.

  3. So the firstfruits tianmen 144000 they're going to get powers and then be part of the tribulation ?

    What about the the ones who aren't in that group, that are still part of the body of Christ ? ( like me)
    Because of my past i have a habit of lying.
    i don't feel really for Chirst's coming

  4. It’s great this about to happen maybe part of my family eyes will finally open pray for me I live with extremely self centered people I was having a conversation about the chip my grandma was like so what get out of here if you don’t get it she literally doesn’t even care if any of us get on the other hand my grandpa doesn’t want to continue to pray for she is really mean to us every single day every single day it never ends she runs in when I am praying she an absolute tyrant but love her and pray for a Godbless and thank I would love to be the end time working but I have to get my heart right thank you Godbless

    Love Dominic

  5. I dreamed last night that a I said the baby is about to be born. But in my dream, I knew it wasnt a literal baby. It was the tribulation was about to happen! Rewatching your video this morning, and feeling so blessed!! Thank you for all that you do:)

  6. SHALOM MY SISTER 1💖 In my family Zion💕 I pray that I am and that 144000 HALLELUYAH. To help my people!!! YAHUSHUA I REPENT 😖 From my sins😓 Please forgive me I pray🙏aman..And To go home with the 1/3 Remnant. Could we got next🎶🕺🎶HALLELUYAH 💕💕. My lamp🕯 Is full With spiritual oil and I am Prepared!!!!🔥🕯👑

  7. Sister I do need help I'm going through a really bad divorce my husband wants to take away my son he's five I just need a lot of prayer because I've been praying to Jesus to show me what to do

  8. Amen I do believe you could be onto something with some being left behind bc of the two witnesses. Ive heard some say it will be two actual witnesses and two if thats true then the left behind could be these two churches or groups of people left behind to minister to people during tribulation. But I have just had two back to back dreams of Jesus and the second one was about the wedding feast again. I know you have had dreams like that before and I have too but its been a while. And in this dream he just looked so excited to walk in the room and be with His bride. Just grateful for the dreams the Lord does give us to give us a little encouragement til He does come
    God bless🙏💕

  9. I have to say this sister, apart from your anointing and I really feel calm and peace in your voice and videos, you really make awesome videos.

    Praise Yah! HalleluYah!

    He really gives good gifts to His children. Shalom.

  10. Heavenly Father give us your people the strength to endure until the end. I pray Father that we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man.
    In Jesus name amen.
    And I pray Almighty God that you bless this woman of God and her family and continue to watch over them🙏 in Jesus name amen.

  11. I had a dream of my grandfather sitting at a desk, like a school desk. I knew he was studying really hard for something like a final exam. ( my grandfather died over 20 years ago). Since then I have believed that the time was near for Jesus to return. VERY NEAR. I also feel like he is coming to help during the tribulation somehow. I've never considered this and didnt even know if it was scriptural. Would this be possible?

  12. @Change Is Coming! Thank you for posting another great video!! I just subscribed to that young man’s channel! What a joy and privilege to see Joel 2:28 being manifested right now, “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”

  13. I have a question for you (Change is coming), Has Jesus Christ came in the flesh or the spirit??? God bless you all by the way. If you haven’t Accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, Repented, and put your faith in Jesus Christ for your salvation then please do so now (for the other people that look at this comment lol)

  14. Shawna the dream I had of you had to do with the outpouring of the Acts 2.0 anointing and it's timing. According to it it will happen around February. The second half of the year of Dana Coverstone s dream is for next year.

  15. On June 25 I had a dream that I believe is connected to this. In the dream I was in a business convention type setting and there was a man there holding up graphs and charts and in the dream I knew it had endtime events and times but I could not see the charts but I heard a mans voice that I hear in my dreams and I believe it is either the Lord or someone who represents him and the voice said "All these prophesies will be played out in the next six months" end of dream. In my spirit I knew it was for the US because all the dreams he gives me are for here. That will be Dec 25.

  16. Amen, Dear Sister. He gave me the words – anointing and to seal and then after a short pause, He gave me the words – Day of Atonement. Im not positive but i think these words go together. I also know that VERY shortly after that we will be on assignment and then glorified. All praises to our GOD. Blessings sweet sister, in Yahushuas Name. ❤

  17. I know this is gonna wacko crazy but I think I dreamed of you and your daughter in Europe I think near Vatican city cuz I saw some sick monstrous things that smelled, tasted, looked foul and it implanted thoughts of grievous blasphemous things into ppls minds and got ppl to turn on each other who were weak, undecided or half baked no wait I want to use the term lukewarm here it really does fit best. The dream scared me literally until i had to rebuke fear and remind myself my Savior is the Prince of Peace.


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