1. I've seen a passage in the bible say ostrich and the other says unicorn 🤷🏾‍♀️. I also noticed the Lord's prayer to. Both Kjv I'm glad I've found your video.

  2. I was shocked when I read the bible in the Book of Mathew. It was telling the story of what happened the night before Jesus was crucified. I distinctly remember reading my bible back when I was a teenager and it mentioned that the Jews were getting ready for the holy Passover and the sabbath. I just ordered a new bible, the King James Version because my eyes can't read the small print in my old bible. The new bible reads that the Jews were getting ready for "EASTER". I could not believe what I was reading. There are other changes to in the new and old testaments.

  3. I see the dress as gold and white, but my daughter says she sees it in black and blue. That is so unusual, I am not sure how that can be? I am puzzled by the dress and how we both see different colors. I didn't let her read the sides I just told her to tell me what color she sees? God bless you sister, much love.

  4. Hi ❤ I'm new to your channel.

    I am truly hearing things I have never come across before. Wow! I have a lot to learn! I pray often that God will keep me from all delusion and deception.

    I have been a born again Christian for 18 years now but really have only sought the Lord diligently in the last 2-3 years. This has made my walk is so different!

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Do you have any advice for me, other than to browse your playlists for things I need to know?

    2. As an immature believer, I went through a time where the evil one deceived me really badly, and I was convinced for a time that I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and that God was completely done with me. It sort of seems like the Holy Spirit did leave me for a time. I don't know if it was a time of testing or if I truly grieved God's Holy Spirit. I nearly succeeded in committing suicide over this in those days. My question is this: Did I do anything eternally wrong? Is there any way for me to tell? Can I still fulfill Jesus' will for my life?

    3. How could a person know if they were one of the 144,000? Will God reveal it to them by the Holy Spirit?

    I'm worried a little by the days to come. The deceptions coming. I'm a practicing 7th Day Adventist right now but the church as a denomination has some false doctrines that I do not ascribe to. It seems like God is calling me to stay for now and light the way for others.

    Thanks for listening/reading.
    And for all your videos and obedience.

    God Bless ❤

  5. this is some weird stuff but i can swear i experienced it with my bible and just the other day with something, but like i said on the video you posted today (7/16/18), i don't remember what it was….and i see blue and black…too weird.

  6. That's why were to hide the word of Jehovah in our heart. Psalms 119:11. When I saw that the the scripture in Isaiah 11:6 now said the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb. I new that was not right it has always said the lion and the lamb. And i told my some of the people at church and they said no it has always said the wolf and the lamb. I praise Jehovah for His Holy Spirit that leads and guide us to the truth. John 16:13. Thank you sister for making this video i knew i wasn't crazy.

  7. Just a reminder my family. We will all be here in the flesh thru the tribulation i a sure you. Meeting in a cloud and in the air means a cloud of people their are so many and air represents the body that we will be in. The 7th trump which is after Satan comes on the 6th trump ruling (The new world order) has to happen first. Which I think Satan and his followers will be kicked out of haven Friday Oct 13, 2017. It is so important that people know that if someone comes up and says that i am here to rapture you and you are still in your flesh body, know that it is not Jesus Christ, its Satan, because when Jesus gets here to gather us back to him we leave this flesh body in the twinkle of a eye. Satan will set you up to make you think he is Jesus Christ going to take you out of here but in fact is Antichrist. Be very careful not to be deceived. Our protection thru out the tribulation is to be sealed up with Gods word and Satan cannot touch a hair on your head. You have control over Satan / All evil. God and I love you all my brothers and sisters.

  8. you haven't seen what ive seen.. like u said dont knock what you dont know.. the power of God is real.. yess.. buuut.. so are other things.. i have proof of aliens.. real proof.. like fr fr proof.. on my home camera.. so yeah.. its not an alien conspiracy.. this is all real.. we just gotta be right w God.. the bible also says that adam and eve were the 1st.. but that obviously cant be right.. i get messages too.. from God… js.. not being mean.. i liked obama.. js..

  9. Isaiah 11:6. The lion and the. lamb is exactly what I know is true. Now…the wolf and the lamb. That shows a demonic change to suit satan.
    I remember my past and what was right. I didn't forget. I woke up February 2017. Most are not awake and they are blind. When I would bring up my symptoms of being sick in 2016 and what's happening… I get crickets or a change of subject.
    I see what they dont.
    Society has become either narcissist, sociopaths or psychopaths. Selfish evil abusers. Totally demonic.
    Aliens are demons. .flat out.

  10. Thank you for  your obedience to the Lord.  I have noticed this for sometime now and thought it was me at first then confirmations on YT had affirmed that, indeed, things had changed.  Now, it seems that there have been more changes.  I make sure I pray before I read the bible and ask the Holy Spirit to help me interpret what I read the way the Lord intended the true meaning to be.  Some people see it, others like ourselves just cant see.  I've got to the point where I will talk about it as the Lord leads me, but I refuse to agrue over it.  My experience has been, the bible has definitely changed.

  11. i just started to ask the holy spirit to help me understand the bible and God does help me. i read the scripture over and over and i begin to get a understanding of it more and more!

  12. I am so happy to hear others say these things about stocking up on items. I truly think the people around me think that I am losing my mind and even some of my family have told me that they think I am to deep into my faith, but just reading your comments, I know that I am right where God wants me to be. I looked over at my case of water a couple weeks ago and I heard the Lord say to me " every time you buy a case of water for your house, but an extra case for the basement ".

    Thank you all for confirmation.

  13. OOOH, HALLELUJAH, to GOD ALMIGHTY! My precious, precious sister in CHRIST JESUS!

    I PRAISE GOD for (HIS) purification and holiness in you! I PRAISE GOD, for you staying in the lane of your calling! I thank HIM so, so much, for your obedience in righteousness to be corrected and transparent, only in HIM!

    Thank you for your sharing openly on YT, DADDY'S chastisement! Your openness in the HOLY GHOST, delivers and sets so many of us free! You absolutely honor HIM, and free me…I can't speak for others…just my opinion…but, by your allowing DADDY to use whatever vehicle or means HE may use, to do it! Hey, I PRAISE HIM for it.

    Your teaching and research is of HIM. Untainted truths, to you first, then to others, is magnificent!

    Believe me, i am definitively not trying to build you up, bcuz, I can't! But, I must PRAISE and THANK the HOLY ONE in you, for your allowing HIM to show and hold you accountable for what HE has shown, and will continue to show to you, so you can convey it to us!

    I saw your video and I talked to the HOLY GHOST this morning about you! Reason being, bcuz, the spiritual vernacular in me was running all over the place in excitement! And I needed to calm down first.

    I have watched a lot of other ppls channels on this subject back in the day, but only you and Photophelix pricked my spirit! HIM, from when he first noticed this EFFECT…it wasn't denying the power of GOD through a form of holiness with you guys!

    i too, read and studied the bible , bcuz the (Scriptures) WORD, became alive to me, yrs ago! The Rhema Word of GOD, if you will! I live out my Script- ture the HOLY WORDS of the Script- ture, by the power of the HOLY GHOST, if you will! I think and see a lot of things like Photophelix does!

    WAAAY outside the box.

    please forgive my verbiage and please forgive me if I have offended you or anyone else reading my comment to what you have posted! It is definitely not my intention to sway, manipulated, confused or control anyone in any form! That's witchcraft!

    I speak that GOD ALMIGHTY, will always bless you, and your girls with a HOLY protected hedge, both naturally and spiritually! Always with the HOLY BURNING BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST! I speak JESUS CHRIST' HOLY BLOOD will always burn up and burn out, any, all and every demonic source(s) and force(s) of evil out of their place(s) in your lives! Especially those trying to hide, in every crack and crevice, both naturally and spiritually. The HOLY BURNING BLOOD of JESUS is always flowing from Calvary for all, any and every area of your life, no matter what, come what may! I command and demand, continual blessings upon you and your family, and everyone in and on your heart! I employ the HOLY angels of GOD ALMIGHTY to always deliver to your door, whenever and whatever, you might need. Both naturally and spiritually, In JESUS CHRIST'S NAME, in the NAME of JESUS! Amen and Amen. AND SO IT IS SO, AND SO IT SHALL BE. Selah.

    this is an answer to an immediate prayer I prayed for photophelix to post a new video! Wow DADDY! Wow!


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