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Dreams about worms could indicates something in your life is disgusting, polluted, and manipulated by witchcraft powers. In some cases, worms in dream represents sickness, death and even powerlessness. When maggots appears too often in your dream, then it is a signal of an impending long term afflictions.

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Dreaming about maggots does not necessarily mean you will come across all kind of worms like earthworms, tapeworms in real life. It may also portend a warning of mysterious demonic attack against your health. Worms are a small parasites that is found in decaying food, meat etc. But if you find them in your food, it means setback and unfulfilled goals.

To some people, the maggot is the eater of flesh and drinkers of blood stealing blessings. It is possible the enemy use worm dreams to cause promise and fail, loss of opportunities, spiritual dryness, and marital challenges. Likewise, if you find yourself killing lots of worms in dream could represent a big healing from your present situation. Do you feel happy after killing lots of worms? If yes, congratulations.

However, if you see worms crawling your body, then it means stagnation and evil smells. If in your dream you see dead worms in your food, body, hair, it means you will struggle to prosper. In this case, Let the blood of Jesus cancel every curse issued against your life in disguise of blessings, in Jesus name.

In the meantime, If you dreamed about worms (maggots), whether worms in your skin, worms in your hair, worms in your nose or eyes, worms in your body, or worms in your hands, legs, room etc then you will certainly love this video. It will help you understand other area of dreams you must have had and also teach you how to interpret them properly.



1. Every spirit of sluggishness attacking my goals, be dismantled, in Jesus name.
2. Evil arrows fired into my body, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. I cancel the effect of any bewitched food I have eaten in the dream that has turned to worms in my body, in Jesus name.
4. Let the blood of Jesus wash away any curse of rejection, sickness, hatred, operating in my life, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every satanic roadblock on my way to glory and honour, CLEAR AWAY!, in Jesus name.
6. Any power using demonic worms to cover my virtues, die by fire, in Jesus name.

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  1. I had a dream 1st it started out with I got a splinter in my foot then it switched to the skin on my hand being open and my hand was bleeding and my mom pulled a very long worm out of it. I didn't see any proof of this in the dream but I felt like we were at the hospital but maybe in the waiting area. Please help me with this interpretation.

  2. I had a dream that I was back in a house I used to spend time in with a former pastor wife the she took me to another house cause I told her I wanted to rent a house on the outside it looks good but when we open the door it had no flooring , no carpet and it was mud ground and worms were everywhere . I can out of the house and I passed by a fig tree and ant came on me and bit me

  3. I dream about worms twice in the space of 1month. The 1st dream was I see a lot of worms coming from my hand , I started pulling them out 1 by 1.
    The other dream I'm not too sure if it's from my nose or from my anus I saw a thin string, as I noticed the string it started to expand in my hand . Turn out it was a big long white worm. I was afraid of it then it fell from my hand unto a hot piece of zink and die hallelujah!!!

  4. I saw a dream in someone’s house i don’t know… there was water over flow n later all ladies whom i didn’t knew we all started to clean the house n later we saw worms getting inside the beds .. worms were white in color n little transparent bodies…

  5. I had a dream where this worm was on my cabinet. My dad tries to remove it but it gets irritated because its threatened by my dad's touch. Inside the small worm crawls out another worm that is much larger and longer. I thought it was a parasite in my dreams because a dark deadly black needle sticking out from its head, pointing at me. (Doesnt make sense I know) Then before it strikes I wake up.

  6. I had a dream that my mom was trying to make me eat a worm in the dream and she stated that it would get rid of the Demons and I told her I was eating it and she got mad and started to chase me

  7. my mom was dreaming about me being dead and worms came out from my eyes and she wasnt able to cry in that dream because she was shocked… can u help me translate that dream? well to be honest im a good person and a christian but at that moment of time i was so depressed… thanks…

  8. I need to know what it means if in my dream I had a handful of brown worms and glowing blue worms that I crushed and fertilized raw potatoes with what does it mean please and thank you!

  9. In my dream, I vomited the worms. 5 of them. When I saw one trying to come out on my throat, I wanted to push it down in my stomach with hot water but I was told to force myself to vomit then I vomited them.
    3 came out, then 1 and the last one came out too.

    What does it mean?

  10. Goodnight man of God, I kept having these dreams for many years. Worms under my skin but I always pulls them out , but long worms ,also I've to be careful when pulling them out cause if the burst they crawls back up. I also feels the tightening of them under my skin. I pulled out all from my hands but when it was coming to my legs to pull them out I woke up,

  11. I dream I was at a function and I had a jar of gummy bears of rainbow colors for my kids then when I was planning to give out the gummy bears I notice they start moving and they are real worm. The persons at the function forcing me to give them but I could see it's real worm so i didn't. Then i saw tadpoles the black frog eggs under the benches and persons telling me to feed the kids with it , i look at them as if they were crazy and didn't but i wanted to get them out. Then in the dream the lord showed me an organizer I want to work with had a misunderstanding and I was able to explain and make her understand.

  12. I had a dream of two very large over-sized worms on my bedroom floor. One of the worms had a baby worm. After that I grabbed a tissue stamped on the worms and picked them up with the tissue.

  13. I was ABUSED by Narcissists (FAKE Christians) who have PROJECTED these things ONTO MEEE!! 51 years! I’m alone now after 30 years of STRIVING to SAVE them from HELL!! I dreamed of worms as a Child in my bed. They have actually MANIFESTED in my PHYSICAL BODY!!! I had to GET AWAY from my ABUSERS!! I ACTUALLY have WORMS crawling in my body INCLUDING MY BRAIN!!! I NEED DELIVERANCE FRIM EVIL!!! I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!! Please pray for my LIFE!!!

  14. Goodmorning Evangelist , I had a dream of my ex an I having intercourse but I wasn't into it. I was sitting on him naked but when I got up I saw worms all over his private part and as for me i was dusting myself from the worms as well as him.

  15. i had a dream that there was acne on my left side of chest and when i pop it there was a big parasite. i grab it and removed it and become so happy even the blood after removal of parasite was coming out i was happy the worms was out as i was surprise that there was parasite in me. n soon the blood stopped

  16. Hello, please I dreamt that it was raining and i ran to take shade under a canopy when I realised there were actual earthworms( not really maggots, the ones that appear on the surface of the earth when it rains, some were normal size and some were very very bigger than any normal earthworms, you could see the blood pumping through their bodies) then I woke up. Can you kindly interprete this drama for me. Thank you.


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