Prophet Lovy teaches on why people cannot hear God. Further, he explains how God uses dreams to speak to you.

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  1. I’ve been watching you for two weeks. Your video popped up on my Facebook and your messages have spoken to me so much. You have fed me with the revelation of the word of God. It has ministered to me so much.

  2. God is so good because Mama Persia is teaching her children about dreams and visions as well ❤️. Jesus really makes it sweet like what mama P would say ❤️🙌🏾. God bless your soul ❤️❤️‍🔥. Let the Spirit of the Lord go before and be with you and strengthens you.

  3. I have trouble remembering my dreams as soon as I wake up, I usually feel like I’ve been active and I can only remember glimpses I’ve prayed and still my dreams are stolen. This only started this year, my dreams have usually been prophetic and I write them down.

  4. The demonic don't know the future. they see the events that are coming using stars & different signs that are created in the present in the spirit realm. that's why when the devil killed all those kids he was trying to finish off all kids under the age of 2 because he can't discern the times or the place. both on the days of moses and jesus. The devil also placed all the ites "canaanites, Ishmaelites, etc." in canaan where the land that the lord gave to israel on purpose so he could pollute the bloodline of the lord. The lord God told them to finish them off but they didn't listen. still at the end the Lord won. The demonic don't know the future they just use different sources to determine what could happen.

  5. Last night I had another breakthrough.. and was able to cast out a spell on my life. Last night I had a crazy dream again, and I was able to pray, prophesy, and my enemies were revealed. And turns out, I was praying over an enemy of mine, after I unmasqueraded.

  6. Man of God, I am here to encourage you, keep your hand to the plow, dont let the unbelievers deter you. What you have many need to hear right now. This is your assignment.

  7. Most people ignore dreams because of some Pastors, he or she say people have eaten too much before laying down, Amen ,God deal or speak to his people in dreams,I had the same dream of Jacob, angels were ascending and descending on the ladder


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