Justice and love form the foundation of peace. Justice and love will bring heaven on earth.
May we be fair and loving with one another. May we be strong and united in bringing justice and love into our world.
Let justice and love fill our thoughts and actions. Let justice and love heal and strengthen us.


Improve people to improve society. This begins with improving thoughts.
Your current and stored thoughts form much of your identity. They also impact every cell, emotion, and action of your being.
You control thoughts that you seek, receive, store, remember, avoid, block, and forget.
Use thoughts to improve.
• Seek and receive healthy thoughts; for example, be selective about TV shows you watch and music you listen to. Avoid unhealthy ones, such as those that are sad, scary, angry, or violent. Also limit exposure to negative news, but be adequately informed. (Society is mainly influenced by repeated thoughts from television. It is also influenced by radio, Internet, movies, recordings, and video games. Some of this causes excessive fear, which benefits some governments, religions, industries, and banks.)
• Make healthy attitudes, emotions, and actions happen automatically by repeatedly storing, and acting on, thought programs (self-commands).

At times avoid all thoughts of others for a while, and experience only your own thoughts.
Have courage to question everything.
Think for yourself. Independently investigate.
Have an open mind. Be able to consider something without necessarily accepting it.
Learn from diverse sources. Assess them for any bias.
Avoid entities that limit freedom to learn.
Promote love of learning. Learn and teach. Support sources of learning and knowledge.
Be humbled by the vast unknown.
Use facts and reason to reach conclusions.
Know and own yourself. Be aware of, and accountable for, your thoughts and actions.
Have appropriate thoughts and actions. There is a time and a place for almost everything.
Do good. Have good thoughts and good actions.
Practice the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.
Do not sin. Sin is to needlessly cause harm.
Obey government laws of your location.


Two-thirds of the world’s people are governed by experiments in democracy, from republics to direct democracies.

Many experiments are degenerating because:
• the small proportion of society that can afford public election campaigns is decreasing, due to the large and growing wealth gap;
• the cost of using mass media for campaigns is high and increasing; and,
• most voters are influenced by mass media, which is controlled by very few.

Some experiments are becoming police states to cope with growing social problems, mainly stemming from increasing poverty at home and abroad.

Use legal rights to improve government: question, learn, inform, assemble, protest, vote, become representatives in government, hold referendums, and conduct boycotts.

Improve government by conducting new experiments. Conduct them first at local levels, and experiment in the most successful at higher levels. Poll the public about results, and publish poll findings. In some experiments: require term limits for more offices, increase use of councils, and increase use of random selection.

In history’s first democracy (Athenian democracy), people knew that selecting representatives (for social and individual justice) by public elections is easily corrupted. So they randomly selected them (from eligible candidates) for councils and trial juries. In modern democracies, juries are still randomly selected. People also knew that decision-making by only one person (such as a president) is easily corrupted. So they used only an executive council. Each council member served as chairperson for an equal time during the council’s term.


World population has grown increasingly fast: 1 billion in 1804, 2b in 1927, 3b in 1959, 4b in 1974, 5b in 1987, 6b in 1999, and 7b in 2011.

Rapid growth of large populations now threatens quality of life. Much of this growth is due to ideologies against birth control. Some is due to parents’ need to produce many children so that enough survive high child mortality and can help the family.

Vast population growth increases poverty, which can increase: religious and racial tensions, crime, disease, migration, terrorism, revolution, and war. Impacts of poverty spread as globalization increases.

Large population growth benefits:
• governments gaining taxpayers;
• religions gaining contributors;
• businesses gaining cheaper labor and bigger markets; and,
• industries and banks profiting from violent conflict.

Humanely control population growth by:
• increasing awareness of harm caused by overpopulation;
• improving awareness, affordability, and availability of voluntary, preventive, birth control; and,
• reducing parents’ need to produce many children, by improving healthcare and increasing opportunities for education and employment.



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