🔹️ How to know if your dreams/ visions about a future potential spouse are from God.

🔸️Is it from the devil

🔹Or Emotionally led

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  1. I dreamt of him this morning. I’ve been celibate for 6 months. Now I will wait more im so blown away and willing to wait
    How can I be in love with someone I have never seen or met lol.

    Yesterday I had a dream about distractions etc.

  2. While I understand the total message, please please be careful on how you words things. 1:33 there’s nothing wrong with desiring a mate but just because one hasn’t appeared yet has nothing to do with proving you’re “worthy” of one. I know of several older, single, Christian woman who are still VIRGINS so according to your statement they should’ve been first in line to receive their hubby off the conveyer belt but as I stated these beautiful, educated, and obviously disciplined sisters are still single. Meanwhile a woman with 4 or 5 kids outside of wedlock gets married like its nothing. So let’s be careful to not equate marriage with being worthy enough. As God told me one time, we all have a divine mandate on our lives. Some people’s mandate requires a spouse early on. While some do not and they can marry later in life. It’s all about the call on your life, His timing and your destiny. Blessings🙏🏽

  3. About a year ago i was praying to God about my love life and then i left to take my kids to an arcade, i was thinking about a particular person that at one time was attracted to, but was also thinking that God never put this person back in my life to even see as a casual thing (because we live in the same city and side of town)….. I shook those thoughts by thinking if it is God's will, we will see eachother again….but wondered why i never forgot about him, when all of a sudden my kids come running to me with a plush toy they got from the toy machine…..THE WEIRDEST PART WAS THE NAME OF THE PLUSH TOY IS THE SAME NICKNAME OF THE GUY I WAS THINKING ABOUT. Thought that it was so weird. Im so bad with understanding messages that are clearly from God….I think maybe God told me just like a plush toy is a memory, that guy is just to be memory to me. But I clearly understand that God hears me.

  4. I had a dream recently where I was at an outlet I think..? And I was with friends that I haven’t met yet I’m pretty sure? And there’s this girl that was walking towards us and when I looked at her I knew immediately that she’s my person and we made eye contact and it woke me up.. I woke up with a weird feeling(in a good way) in my dream I knew who she was but I’ve never seen her before in person I think. Funny thing the day after that dream me and my family went to the outlet in my city and all the songs that were playing were corresponding to my dream? Maybe she’s dreamt of me before? Who knows haha. Also almost like I can feel her or sense her? And I feel like she can sense me as well. Spiritual connection? I don’t know I really don’t know but I pray to god every day and night

  5. We both had weird experiences.
    When I was a little girl I obsessively drew myself as a woman wearing a dress covered with cherries and I called myself "cherry lady" we first locked eyes at 14 as strangers and I did g think we would see each other again then 4 years later that stranger was placed at my best friend house and at 18, we united – his surname CHERRY 🍒
    He also dreamt as a boy he would be with a woman from nz and I was conceived there he also laughed that he believed the woman would be a princess and thought it was a silly boyhood fantasy… then at 29, I took him to meet my father in nz who sat him down and told him that according to Maori tradition and custom I am my fathers maori princess … he said he laughed to himself that what he thought as a boy was premonition.

    We both had it!!!

  6. Funny that I should come across this video. I had my future wedding dream in 2010, saw my current boyfriend in the dream waiting for me at the altar (didn't even MEET him (in a Hydrocephalus Facebook support group) until late 2014, & we became Facebook friends shortly thereafter in January 2015.

    I was dating someone else at the time that I met him, and while I had fallen out of love with my (now) ex boyfriend, I chose to wait until he chose to break the relationship off.

    In the end he did, and that (in addition to the fact that I had already been secretly crushing on my (now) boyfriend since the day we'd met) finally gave me my "freedom" (from my ex) after over 9 years of being with him, in February 2017

    Although, from that point on, I also told myself, "while you know you are seriously crushing on Louis (my now boyfriend), let it go, stay single for a little bit, and if it is meant to be (that you're with him) then it'll happen. God can & WILL handle this."

    Fast forward to early August 2018, Louis one day posts a status message to his Facebook wall stating something to the effect of: "I feel like my life (& my love life) are non-existent."

    I saw that post, and as a friend (at the time), not really thinking anything of it, I replied back stating that I had felt the same way (especially where my love life was concerned) at the time. I posted that reply comment on August 2, 2018…

    Within 4 days, I get a PM (from Louis) and we started talking, and that night on August 6, 2018 (although I did think it over, overnight), Louis asked me to be his woman.

    I ultimately said, "YES" and we've been together (long distance) ever since. I currently reside in Hawaii while he currently resides in Pennsylvania, but I'm planning on moving out there probably within the next 2 years (after we get married), we're making wedding plans already. 😁 While we've been Facebook friends for over 4 years now, we've only been together (as a couple) for 9 months now…but I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life (relationship wise). 😁😍💕

  7. Alright so I’m here because I just woke up from a dream of doing some goofy affectionate stuff that couples do when they are comfortable with each other with this particular dude. Earlier I prayed to God that he prepares me to be a wife and I end up being with a God loving and fearing man. I woke up immediately like “God is that what you’re telling me?” Literally I said that probably 10 times 😂😂😂👏🏼 but I don’t think I idolize marriage. I’m also very much focused on my relationship with God.

  8. Mine is kinda different, I opened up to God about a specific person I liked and I asked God if this person was for me or not to show me .. happens to be a day or a couple days later a sister from church who didn’t even know I liked him, told me she had a dream she was at a wedding reception and she saw the guy I liked with a suit and then looked down the aisle and saw me in a dress. I felt like something was telling me to ask her how old we were and she said a bit older but not much. We were talking for a bit, but now he doesn’t really talk to me. I left it in God’s hands cause I know He knows what’s best.


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