A Victorian man who bought and registered number plates protesting Dan Andrews leadership of Victoria has had them cancelled.

The plates registered to his Holden Commodore said “DANOUT”.

But days after he put them on his vehicle, the man said he received notification from VicRoads that the “offensive” plates had been cancelled.

What happened to free speech,” the man who gave his name as Peter to radio station 3AW said.

Photographs of the car, which is also adorned with “Save Victoria Sack Dan Andrews” stickers, are now circulating online.

Peter said plates for his other vehicle said “RUDDUD”.

“I’m very annoyed. I don’t know how I’ve got away with all these years since 2008 with the plates RUDDUD. I’ve still got them. I’ll tell you, back in 08, they were a big hit in Canberra.”

Social media was flooded with people supporting the man’s right to use the DANOUT plates.

“I bet if the plate read DANIN it wouldn’t have been an issue?” one person commented.

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