Dutch farmers blocked the 42 km long A37 highway in the northwest of Holland, which connects the Dutch town of Hoogeveen with the German border.

Farmers are protesting punishing nitrogen targets imposed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte which may see farmers forced to abandon their land, cull livestock and limit fertilizer use resulting in much lower yields. Supporters of the farmers are concerned about the effect these restrictions will have on the Dutch economy, which relies heavily on agricultural exports. Others are concerned about food inflation.

Rebel News reporters Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay followed the convoy as it developed from a traffic snarl to a full-fledged Canadian-style blockade of both sides of the thoroughfare.

Rebel News deployed reporters to the Netherlands to cover the farmers’ uprising nearly two weeks ago, and the team has had unfettered access to the demonstrations in a way the mainstream media in Holland does not. Like the truckers in Canada, the farmers know they cannot trust the mainstream media.

To support Lewis and Lincoln in Holland and to see their coverage as they work around the clock to bring the world the other side of the story, please visit www.FarmerRebellion.com.

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