Early Morning Hillsong Praise And Worship Songs Playlist 2022 🙏Best Hillsong Worship Christian Songs
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[00:00:00] Freedom
[00:04:11] Who You Say I Am
[00:09:35] Scandal of Grace
[00:13:54] Reason To Sing
[00:17:56] Love Won’t Let Me Down
[00:21:24] New Wine
[00:26:05] King of Kings
[00:30:21] The Passion
[00:34:05] Whole Heart
[00:38:26] I Give You My Heart
[00:44:50] See The Light
[00:48:17] Awake My Soul
[00:52:44] Lead Me To The Cross
[00:57:37] I Believe In Jesus
[01:00:27] Hope Of The World
[01:04:07] Rise
[01:08:26] Man Of Sorrows
[01:14:12] Hosanna
[01:22:48] From The Inside Out
[01:28:22] God Is Able
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  1. I live in a terrible neighborhood of Hollywood, CA. Tons of violence, loud cars, theft, prostitution, drugs, and debauchery. My heart gets heavy by the spiritual weight of working in the media industry. However, I constantly have found myself since moving here turning on this song, getting in God's Word, writing Bible Studies that have blessed hundreds, crafting lyrics, planning, praying, meditating, speaking in tongues, and prophesying to friends through texts and messages time and time again. This song has played an instrumental role in the way The Holy Spirit has worked on my life. I even taught a sermon at a church and played this song over the speakers as I taught because I believe it is anointed and brings peace to the hearts who hear it. At the end of the study everyone in the room was crying. It was heavy. Thank you for being used by God and sharing your gifts with His church and people like me.

  2. Lord thank you for staying by my side at this difficult times…you take away all fears and replaced it with love, strength and faith…teach me always to be obedient on you..and be a blessing to others.,..I love you the only one who knows me so well.🙏❤️


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