This is my brief, (and admittedly somewhat bewildered), response to Josh Peck’s recent video:
“PROOF of FLAT EARTH Conspiracy DEBUNKED with EDE THEORY? The Truth based on the Bible and Science!”:



  1. Define "dimension " then ask yourself if a Biblical cosmology is not simply a single dimension of space we're physically straight above is a firmament with physical planes just like ours that may or may not be infinite Direction? Extra-dimensional Earth is an abstraction just like the idea of a dimension is an abstraction is a concept and may not actually be a thing at all. Not to mention this can also be a simulation digital, holographic, fractal can still follow this biblical cosmology of stacked infinite planes. There's nothing in our experience or physical measurement of the world that forbids such a proposition. Everything can be exactly the way it appears without having conceptual abstraction thrown in to try and explain what is not yet visible. Angels and Demons might be microscopic , is that another dimension? And where does the line from one to the other begin? I have completely given up on the idea of trying to extrapolate a logical paradigm that does not stay within the limitations of what is written. Ps the sun and moon are HOLES. Not 3D.

  2. Very well explained. Thank you. All I could say was Josh was full of shit. I wasn't being mean I just couldn't said it like you could. You nailed it when you said leads back to mysticism. God-bless you brother.

  3. I like John and mrs Peck and their guests although I don't agree with his ball earth theory.
    I'm uncertain of so many things but I'm certain we've been lied to by those we are taught to trust.
    Thanks Will, stay prayerful with us do not fear and love one another.

  4. I agree the biblical reading is correct , towards heaven in any model up is still above from man's natural perspective. The meaning of circle was used to mean infinite, as in you would always end up were u started traveling in one direction , as in a loop. From the Hebrew it literally means circuit, as in passing around. Not just passing from east to west, but all directions. We empirically know we live in a Geo-centric cosmology surrounded by a barrier and a hollow interior , and that 'space' is used to promote esoteric pagan beliefs. We have leading (real) astrophysicists stating the bigbang is dead ,and that stars are living.

  5. These dog gone videos sure seem to be getting better by the minute: in fact, they remind me of watching pure fruit being produced through many new branches on a rapidly growing tree of the one true life giving vine…great job as usual lifting His name-Thanks & His Mighty Hand of Favor over You & Yours in His Mighty Name above all names so be it smiles i am happy about I AM

  6. Hey Will, could you put together a playlist on your channel for people to watch that are just beginning to be curious about flat earth? Like a starting point series? I’m sure you’ve already made them but just organized into playlist for the beginners.

  7. God means what he says and says what he means. Always take the Bible literally and less of Passage tells you not to meaning like Daniel when he got his Revelations about the future needed an angel to interpret it for him. If something is meant as a allegory or symbolism the Bible will tell you. If it contradicts the Bible then it is a lie

  8. I am starting to wonder if flat earth is a atheist conspiracy to take the Bible to it's "logical conclusion" so as to get Christians to realize how retarded their beliefs about the Bible really are.

  9. I used to be really into the paranormal and I remember zak bagans used to say, that ghosts according to most ancient cultures could not cross a body a water. Seeing that the earth is surrounded by water, maybe that's how the unclean spirit were unable to leave earth after death.

  10. Just looked into peck he seems like a todd Bentley wanta be. He's about selling books and cds just like any tbn preacher I can see him goin in that direction. Kinda like hovind who I used to love to learn from. Also trey Smith who is very informative but also has alot to sell. I love him but I don't believe in dinosaurs sorry just can't not enough proof for me. The flat earth really shines a bright light on alot of things and people. U can't tell me its not of God.


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