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  1. Another idiot who want to start a fear channel to make money from youtube paid ads program. The strange thing is that most of these scammer are all Americans. Americans the king of BS spread thick!

  2. Red and Yellow are China colors/ Communism. Nazi's used red black white, so could be a combo or merger/takeover of US with China and Russia. I notice top of capital looks like a "tin foil hat" for conspiracy theorists. Rasputin is talking about Russian A. Dugin backing Trump for pres. Serena world champion tennis player mentioning-may cause conflict in us because doesn't seem to have anything to do with seriousness of cover and Nuclear attack, it seems trivial. This could be Hegelian Dialectic (Conflict is created reading/looking at this). Probably Doublespeak: changing the meaning of the words or minimizing or inverting meanings, etc. Look up meaning. ISIS could not take down US unless someone on the INSIDE LETS THEM (traitors are among us-Cicero). We spend billions of dollars and have the finest equipment. It would be impossible to penetrate unless told to stand down. ISIS is the goddess of the Illuminati, and the Freemanson's secret society but also name of terrorist group (probably named by US, trained by US probably funded by Saudi? There is a security Co called USIS. Put together US, and ISIS= USIS. Propaganda to increase justification for security, and spending mass money on security/ military complex. Who is behind the military Industrial Complex: Rockefellers, and partners, getting wildly rich, involved in investment banking, education of the world, computers, weapons, ships, all security, uranium processing, etc. China Russia, and US have been merging through educational, science etc exchanges(UNESCO) New program is US-China 1Million Strong Initiative. Look for UN, Rockefellers, Cargill, Monsanto, CropScience group, Black Rock, Standard Charter Bank started by Cecil Rhodes. Eugenics agenda. Learn about Carol Quigly books, listen to Norman Dodds on plan of US merging with Russia/Communism, on Youtube. Communitarianism-Wall street "Third Way". Let me know if I'm close! 🙂 I have a twitter where I have some of this stuff: cbrown57

  3. anagrams prove nothing, I could say you're involved with a robot takeover based on your name

    For Bionic Mothers
    Robotic He Informs
    Hot Bionic Reforms
    Finer Robotic Ohms
    Other Bionic Forms
    Minor Robot Chiefs
    Nice Firm Robot Hos
    Confirm He Is Robot
    Fish Or Robotic Men

    Or Bitches If Moron

  4. It seems there are lots of hidden messages in the first phrase. Don't know if any are true, but it seems odd to read these hidden messages given the similar events that have taken place this past month.

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Gun Re-try, put our shots in camera, can I-SPY"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Can our I-spy shot put in camera re-try guns?"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Try a sunny peace march, stop “U” rising tour."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Martyr stain Psyop, Ruin US, Greet UN coach"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Psyop martyr stain, Ruin US, Neuter Coach G"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Psyop martyr stain, Neuter US, Ruin Coach G"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Trumpet, you sing Satan’s ruin pyro cache" (a cache is a something reserved and pyro is fire.)(this could mean: Trumpet you sing Satan's reserved ruin by fire / Trumpet you sing fire stored for satan's ruin)

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "US stop Iran tech, Trump inch your GC arena" (GC could mean general contracting in construction arena or perhaps it means something else)

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Putin stump Syria, reach your "G" stone"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Putin get Syria, Trump can reach your sons"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Trump can get Syria, Putin reach your sons."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Trump get Syria, Putin can reach your sons."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Satan erupts crumpy China's gory routine". (crumpy means irritated or brittle)

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "China’s crumpy routine erupts gory satan." (China recently put on display a large statue of their "god of war". They are also up in arms over the recent activity in China Sea and other countries staking claims to various islands. Lots of 'war games" going on. Coincidence? Is this a sign of impending war?)

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Put your ass in coaching Trump, R. Senate YR."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = " R. put your ass in coaching Trump, Senate YR."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Coach put your ass in trying a Trump’s RENE" ("rene" is French for "REBIRTH or BORN AGAIN", possibly trying to discredit his rebirth as a Christian).

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Coach put your ass in trying Trump’s erena" ("erena" means brightness or torch)

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Coach put your ass in trying Trump’s E.R.E.N.A." ("e.r.e.n.a." is a "hair wig technology")

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Ryan is your senate ring, put Trump’s coach ."

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Ruin US, stop up my green, coach stray train"

    "Trumps Rasputin You Try Coaching Serena" = "Stop up my green, Ruin US, coach stray train" (green might refer to $)

  5. 7-07-16 — 7-16-16 — 7-25-16= Triple Repetition= Ritual Sorcery — Rise of 'Man' of Sin

    Occult magician Aleister Crowley wrote a book called 777 and other Qabalistic writings that is significant to the Illuminati. The satanic group Danzig has a song titled ‘777’ The Treasury of Witchcraft says of the number seven: “this number, in occult rites, possessed mystic implications . . . powerful: triple repetition is characteristic of magic ritual.“ (Treasury of Witchcraft, p.23)

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooIInrpvwEQ&index=130&list=PL96022DB7362B8711 999 The Power Of 369 NeyeN Sequence~ I just left this other video for casey this will explain the 44 and the 69 connection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsX0FUY0vEE&list=PL96022DB7362B8711&index=131 keep up the great work enjoyed the show with casey and the one with dahboo tonight hope it helps I know we all are in places and meet people for reasons we just must figure out that reason god bless

  7. so, you are a number/color/hand signal/un scramble letters to make them say what you want kind of guy… got it, worthless… i see why all the hate for you, you are not a bad person, just stupid/insane. good luck yuk.

  8. More numbers > Pulse Orlando to Pulse Movement is 34 days (3+4=7). 6 days from Pulse Movement to the end of Cancer Zodiac period on 7/22/2016 = 7+2+2=11 > 2+0+1+6=9 > 119 > 911 backwards. Other events that may have some associated gematria – Olympics (held at 33 venues), and Dem/Rep conventions. They've also been showing Rainbows all year, from Super Bowl 50 to LBGTQ to Olympics … Peace~

  9. 5:41 – Symbology of the IHS = Isis > Horus < Set/h/b worshiping JESUITS. (Formerly the Spanish order of Montessa, descended from the original, Knights Templar…) The Templars are ABOVE the Knights of Malta… and the Jesuits control FREEMASONRY as well as INTEL (aka: hired merc) agencies… BEHIND all of these FALSE FLAG OPPS and ASSASSINATIONS, manufactured EXTREMIST groups, the D of C (three city statist empire of DC, the 'City of' London + Vatican City, under Rome, inc.) and the (numerologic – gematria – KabALLAHic) AD you' all are decoding. ;-)))

  10. If you really want to look at stuff That Makes sense.. Look at the Illuminati cards made Years… ago. Way long ago.. showing Trump becoming president and all kinds of stuff that has come true… and things to come. Not this b.s.


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