So obviously, he was joking when he referred to the book as a “grimoire” in a tweet announcing his recent induction into the Royal Society… But then again, if you understand what the Royal Society is actually founded upon, you know that it’s not really a joke after all.



  1. all the knowledge of this world isn't wisdom to god. I know we want to figure out what they doing down the hive but it really doesn't matter let's focus on Jesus everybody. God bless you all !

  2. I been saying, the real elon mudk is at. The bottom of the ovean in that "empty" spavesuit in his shony red car. Now therr is a controllable clone in his place
    Who will do as told

  3. Paradoxically, when compared to traditional theology the mindset of the Enlightenment marked not only the elevation of humankind but also the deprivation of the human person. The world was no longer viewed as a cosmos in which humans enjoy a special status as in medieval and Reformation thinking. Rather the new 'science' of the enlightenment pictured the universe as a giant machine of which humans were but a small part, a minuscule cog in the giant wheel of reality. Dethroned from their lofty position at the center of creation, they likewise lost their status as a special creation of God standing above the rest of created order. (Stanley Granz & Roger Colson)

  4. I read the sticker on the dash board of the Tesla in space. Told me that the car was filmed at the bottom of the pool beside the ISS. So long, thanks for the fish…..( =

  5. Masonic occult society, inspired by mason F Bacon, who edited bible. He also deleted Enoch and Thomas from King James (also a mason) 1611 version. No "outer space", mars or other planets. NAZI says they still cant traverse deadly VA radiation belts to get man safely to "space". We are under sealed dome, firmament on a fixed, flat plane. "Waters above and waters below"! Much pred prog. Bud beer ads, simpsons, films depict waters gushing from above. Stars appear as they are in water. Drumpf's "Space Farce" another jesuit NWO zionist shill! The tranny Imdb actors need to stop the sci fi show!

  6. Wernher Von Braun…the guy that was head of NASA and the rocket scientist featured in the movie October Sky, wrote a book before all that…it was about people going to Mars to colonoize…and their leader's name was Elon. Can't make this stuff up. Elon claims that is his birth name. Research him. He went to college for one day and quit and met a magic investor in his future…spook baby?

  7. The earth is below the valuted dome..

    "The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him." -Leo Tolstoy


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