294: On this episode of CCNT, the Silver Guru David Morgan gives us a visit to provide a low down on the #SilverShortSqueeze, Flippy arm for your desk, #ElonMusk rage demon and Tesla mRNA factory, WEF launches #GAIA for AI, Tim Cook’s Data Industrial Complex, and military on DNA test kits; WACCINE: software fail, Biden loses waccine, Dodger stadium protest, saliva test inventor dead, no mask is federal crime; POLYTICK: Psaki circle, Lincoln Project pedo clowns, HK exodus, Myanmar takeover, Ex-Q apologist on CNN!

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  1. Lets stop calling mRNA liposomes "vaccines." They are genetic modification vectors. A vaccine comprises viral protein fragments that remain in your bloodstream. mRNA liposomes insert genetic material into your cells and change what they do.

  2. There is this lady going around saying that she had experiences with Elon as a child. That she asked the nanny if he was the Antichrist and she said no. But he will bring about the "mark". Look her up it's creepy


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