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  1. i wish nicholson would expand his mind and research the firmament it will open up more doors. he only focuses on the technology part, but never focuses on FE. he thinks FE is a joke. if he researched that he would know that the elite cannot escape earth. they have been trying. that is why cern and the rest of this bs was created to open up portals to let these demons in.

    just listen to us nicholson, we are not crazy. people look at you as crazy but you look at FE's as crazy. won't even bother to research, admiral byrd, movies like capricorn one that shows how they faked a lot of stuff, astronauts that are freemasons and go along with this crap. this is what i hate that truthers do. they believe one thing and close their mind to the next thing.

    the elite still has your mind if you think they are planning to leave earth and go to another planet. xD these planets ain't even what you think they are. it's been caught on camera that these planets are just lights, orbs in the sky. the rest is cgi bs that artists admit they made. every year earth is drawn different. it only takes a few tools in photoshop to see the fakeness.

    the real demons are the aliens and ancient ones. again, THERE IS NO ESCAPING EARTH'S FIRMAMENT. explains why we see rainbows and explains the verse where it talks about the waters separated from the waters. it even explains why the sky is blue. please give it a chance nicholson.

    i watch your videos but every day i see more and more truthers get blinded by other things. ever noticed how the aliens claim to be from some distant planet and now that people are finding that to be phony they now claim to be from some planet we never heard of? it's reasons for that. look up the antarctic treaty where 50 countries signed it to make sure no one discovers the ice wall that admiral byrd saw that surrounds us. they are covering this up to HIDE GOD. he's closer than you think! even sometimes in my life it's hard to believe but it's true. if you give FE a chance, you will see where things match up in the bible more and more.

    it also makes sense why you can see the sun and moon clearly but no other planet in the day or night unless you use a telescope. the sun is closer than you think. don't you think god can make something that is hot but does not fry us by being this close to earth? ever wondered about that. open your mind please. the sun isn't that far away from us. and if you think the footage you've seen of astronauts jumping from space and showing the roundness of earth is real then think again. they use fish eye lens to make it look curvy. i could go on and on about this….

  2. I have been searching for one of your videos where it is possible to comment,this is the first I found,so please understand why my remarks may seem a little off subject."This is about a battle for our souls"….or words to that effect,resonated within me,Nicholson1968,this is where I am arrived at too.I experience the covert government "community mobbing",which includes the V2K,or synthetic telepathy capabilities,which they use,the devils own tool of torture.This comment is made to thank and encourage you for the efforts you have and are making,God Bless.

  3. The tower was built in the valley of shinar, why a valley or plain? If they wanted such hight, why not on a high hill or mountain top. Shinar means the land of the watchers. what they were attempting to do was possible. I believe the location was key. I think the tower was a portal into the Heavenly realm. Like Cern opening other demensions. When I read Genisis 11 the verse were it says, " And let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered on the face of the whole earth." This part makes me think, they didn't want to be swept away in another deluge. Notice also, out of many they became one. Like you have talked about the hive mind. I was watching Particle fever on netflix about cern and the scientist was talking about how all over the world, everyone has laid down there differences and have come together as one, to do this. Sounded to me like history is repeating itself. Sheva aka is Apollo, Apollo is Osiris, Osiris is Nimrod. And we all know Nimrod comes from the cursed line of Canaan. so being cursed they were angry against Yahuah. If they did this, nothing would be impossible for them. God closes doors knowone can open and opens doors knowone can close. Cern could be the key to the door. But God is in control. I believe the flood was him closing a door and they were trying to open it again. Love your videos! God bless you.

  4. I'm glad i stumbled across your channel! Really Great vids! Praise Yashua! Some gave me chills and some creeped me out! It's also more testifying as to what coming in the very near future. A hyper-spiritual battleground is being prepped in broad daylight but on one sees it!! The thief so dark and sinister is coming! So even if you have accepted Yashua it's still normal to feel uneasy about end times! Don't be ashamed if you get overwhelmed by all of it. We would all be flesh sentenced to death without Yashua! Without Him we won't be capable of passing through what's next!  Will Driggers

  5. nice. have you seen the latest superman commercial? It's about the man of (sin…I mean steal…I mean steel)…I mean…both of his dads are Robin Hoods…they rob from the rich to give to the poor…and cause both young and old, rich and poor to take a mark so that they may not buy or sell without it. "my Father thinks the world is not yet ready for me? what do you think?"–a reference to how God is holding back the antichrist until the appointed time…


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