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  1. spew tube is a massive pathetic joke these days its run by demoniac Lucifarian NWO flunkies, I am prepared to follow u to bitchute, already subbed over there u should post that vid they took down over there, I know I haven't seen it yet, will pray for u bro.

  2. Levi if you lose the Chanel for preaching the TRUTH Jesus Christ , than brother lose it. But what ever you do don't let them control what you say. Find new platforms. The time is at hand we are going to loose our life's. Are you ready Levi?β€πŸ•Š

  3. Thank you brother Levi ! I've learned really much in this video, thank you so much. Praise God !
    All Glory to God for the revelation and knowledge ! Love you. See you tomorrow, God's willing !

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