1. I got a dream I would love to share with you I had it 2009 nd I know God showed me alot through it just really to let people know nd I've been watching u for years I just work alot of hours but I have time

  2. I hope my Christian brothers and sisters have come to the realization that this whole entire COVID-19 BS scam has been set up primarily if not only to go after the bride of Christ to silence the Christians to demonize the Christians and to destroy the Christians God’s pride I hope people can clearly see COVID-19 is only about destruction of gods children. And just for now they are Forcing draconian rules and mandates on everybody but very soon you will all see that only the Christians will be targeted in the end. Go read revelations it talks about the beast and the antichrist growing so angry at the bride of Christ that he seeks out to utterly destroy every remnant of Christ.

  3. Have u watched from babylon to america? School for prophets tilla all history, from beginning to end some1 pass along to richie from boston. Cant get his videos right now. U will see the great deception and some sda leaders signed on w papcy not all. Still remnant left.

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