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End Of The World – As mass of solar storms causes tsunamis, volcanoes, and flooding, a city-dwelling family attempts to flee to the relative safety of a group of high-elevation caves several miles away.

Stars: Jhey Castles, Joseph Michael Harris, Evan James Henderson

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  1. Dream is Free. When the end occur only the redeemer going to be safe because the Lord Jesus will take us up to heaven and the earth going to be empty for one thousend years and after that the Lord Jesus will comeback with the New Jerusalen and the earth going to be a brand new earth with Jesus like King of kings. Hollywood has his vertion BUT THE BIBLE IS THE ONE SAID THE TRUTH.

  2. Did they have to put the Space Needle on the front picture? I live in Seattle and we've suffered enough indignation. Our hockey team was named the " Kraken" for one. I could go on and on.

  3. If you are going to talk to your kids like they are 5, maybe you should cast 5 year olds instead of teenagers. Military is listening to a random phone line into which someone is supposedly broadcasting morse code. Switch board operator can tell who it is and where he is in less than 5 seconds?

  4. Unbelievers will not escape God’s judgment, repent from your sins , believe and serve Jesus, there not be a safe places on the earth and that not be only movie, it’s going to be real and much worse .

  5. We live in an electric universe powered by Double Torus magnets.
    The Galactic Milankovitch cycles cause our climate cycle with the eccentricity 235,000 year rotation of he galactic bulge being the outside force that causes our Obliquity Climate trends of Ice age at Aphelion and tropical age at perihelion with the Great Year Precession eclipsing the galactic plane every 12,000 years NOW for a 1,000 years causing cataclysmic increase in EM energy and the END TIMES climate change. Antikythera device, Gobekli tepe, Younger dryas, Clovis people, Sphinx water erosion, Washington scablands, Tassilli Najer scablands, Sierra NEvada Ripples, Camas Prairie ripples.

    "All shall seek shelter under rocks or in caves." Musk Boring company, Derenkuyu, Capadoccia, Longyou caves, Barahat caves etc.

    Every 12,000 years half the Great YEar Precession of the equinoxes cycle our solar system eclipses our galaxies double torus electromagnetic/gravitational plane for a 1,000 years causing the END TIMES climate change with EMP pillars of fire/lightning (Texas Z pinching power outage), Oort cloud comets (Ezekiel Musk Satellites), 150 lb Talen sized Hail (As the temp EM energy rises so to does the altitude at which the dew point occurs rises), Flash floods high altitude, Drought low altitude and these are just the birthing pains.

    Jesus warned us about the SinaGog of Satan and these the END TIMES climate change with the book of REVELATIONS and the cause with the 7 north stars of the Great Year Precession cycle.

    These are just the birthing pains Mother Earth's WATER will break when the conjunction of the planets in 2033 pulls the oceans around the planet east to west again.

    Totalitarian TipToe.

    Mask of the BEast to Buy or Sell, Coercion.

    Anti social distancing so you don't communicate and get all your lies from the Goebbelist Media.

    No Jab = No Job Coercion.

    Covid lie CO2 is a a comfortable Half Truth built upon yet another inconvenient truth.

    The Baby Boomers who were born en mass 76 years ago are starting ot die en mass from the usual suspects of seasonal FLu which leads to pneumonia & old age.

    Average human lifespan is 83, so you start dying at 73 and stop at 93.

    It takes 10 years MINIMUM to develop test a wax IF & only IF you can first ISOLATE the VIRUS.

    3 years, 3 variants, 3 Waxines?

    The Waxxine is the FINAL SOLUTION to depopulate the planet or in accordance with their narrative that YahWeh is going to punish you for Sodom & Gomorrah the RAPTURE.


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