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  1. To The Man Speaking In This Video.I Felt A Connection Of The"THE HOLY SPIRIT",Speaking From You!.The REALNESS Of Your"Spiritual Awakenings"From Your 1st And 2nd Dreams.GOD BLESS For Spreading"The HOLY WORDS OF THE BIBLE" "TRUTH" And His KINGDOM CALLED HEAVEN(ETERNAL LIFE).❤

  2. One of my many favorite dreams was when I literally saw death asking people around if he has seen me and one person said yeah she’s over there and he was coming after me and I looked him straight in the face and I told death you can’t kill me Jesus paid the price of dying for my sins and I woke up. I have dreams of the second coming of Jesus Christ descending down from heaven with the trumpet sounds from Angels. I’ve seen Michael the Arc angel, my mom in a white robe she passed away 7 years ago my dog who has also passed away me and my dad and I about to be raptured, an out of body experience while I was dreaming I was floating over my bed watching myself sleep, death which I just told you about and one about ABBA! And my dreams are intensifying. This is all in about a two year process!

    When I had my dream about Jesus I was walking out side to one of the those doors where it just keeps going around and I felt like I was in New York City it was a beautiful sunny day and everybody was walking to get to their jobs or other activities and all of a sudden I hear the first shofar trumpet and people were scattering around screaming and then I heard the second shofar and people were still panicking and running then I heard the 3rd shofar and all of a sudden I saw Jesus dressed in white with a crown and something in his hands and his angels were behind him and he was descending I remember I was calm and Jesus looked at me and I woke up.

    I had three dreams in a row one on the 25th, 26, and 27 Christmas was my birthday of last year on the 25th I was running with my dad outside of a hospital and the automatic doors opened he grabbed my hand and something told us to look up and the sky opened up and it was this bright light piercing thru and my dad said are you ready. On the 26 I was working at McDonald’s in drive thru and somebody rolled up and showed their ID and it said Jesus and then the dream switched and I was with my mom who passed away in 2012 she was wearing this beautiful white garment and her hair was so long she is so beautiful but we were walking together and she was on my right side and we went up to the top of a castle and knew I was safe and I turned to look at my mom and I was going to ask her why are we here and she disappeared and I looked up and I woke up. On the 27th I had an out of body experience were I was floating over my bed and and then the dream switched and I was watching myself sleep and I woke up

    In the month of February 2020 my dream about ABBA I was trapped in Vines it felt like a snare and I was crying and then I saw myself turn into a child and I cried out and I said abba father help me all of a sudden I saw the words in big bolder letter say ABBA and this huge electrical surge went thru my whole body that I was speaking in tongues and I was overwhelmed with the love of God.when I woke up it was still surging thru my body. I will never forget it!
    June 2020
    I was chased by a massive lion I was trying to dodge his attacks he was ready to pounce on me and all of a sudden I got fed up and turned around and roared back at the lion and he was tamed.

    7-11-20 the lord gave me a dream this lady was driving and I was beside her the whole time and she stopped and entered into the house and I went thru the house like an Angel there were two females and male they couldn’t see me and they looked depressed I gave them a hug and told them that Jesus Christ loves you so much! Then the spirit of the lord filled the whole room with peace and love then something pulled me down like an evil spirit but I fought like an angel and I had a sword Jesus was there the whole time. He gave me the powers to do that.

    8-2-20 I had a dream where I went back to college and took an elective like Spiritual course class and there were 7-10 students they looked like they just got out of high school and the college professor said there are many Gods and there are many ways to get to heaven and I stood up and told the teacher you are so wrong and this class is already stupid I said the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and nobody else and that Jesus Christ is the true living God. Then the students started booing and I was going to walk away and a kid said prove it. I said ok there is the God the Father Jesus Christ the son of God and the Holy Ghost. They are what’s called the trinity. And then the student said how did Jesus become a God I said he chose to become man then die on the cross and ascended into heaven to be on the right hand of God on his throne. The the teacher rolled his eyes I also said Jesus healed the sick. And then the teacher said proved it my first thought was I couldn’t kill the teacher to prove that’s it is true otherwise I end up in jail then a needle popped in my dream And the teacher pricked himself on the pointer finger and started bleeding I closed my eyes I said a small prayer and ask the Lord please let this work in Jesus Christ I pray amen. Then I open my eyes I said out loud by blood of Jesus Christ I heal this man and all of the sudden the small wound instantly healed while all the students were around him and the students and teacher were amazed and they clapped and cheered. So they eagerly wanted to ask me another more question Another student said where is heaven isn’t it located above the atmosphere. I said that’s kind of true I told them Jesus said in the Bible heaven is located not of this world and there are many heavens just like there are many galaxies in the solar system. Not sure why I said that but I tried to get that last sentence out of my mouth but I couldn’t because the students and teacher were talking all together and then another student said oh yeah I do remember Jesus then he quoted John 3:16 and I said yeah that’s right! I could tell I was persuading them that Jesus was real and this course was false. Another student asked why is there so much evil I said God will destroy this earth just like he did in Noah’s time and I was going to talk about Cain and Abel and I woke up.

    Was in a classroom were these students was there and one of the students had a list of people who were going to die and I was talking to one girl and they asked me to pray for the girls on the list so I was talking to this one girl and I said what a beautiful necklace and I was secretly praying for her and I asked the lord please send the angels to protect her and her family by the blood of Jesus Christ amen and I did that with a couple of girls and the other girl who had the List said they know you are praying for them right and i said not if I say the prayers in my head. Then I woke up.

    8-21-20 I dreamed I was in a theater with a whole bunch of people they were all possessed with red eyes demons everywhere were staring at me then Satan or higher level demon stood in the middle of the floor we faced each other in battle I remember saying I can do all things through Christ!I punched him in the face and then drew a sword the dream switched were I went to a school
    full of students I walked up to them then they turned their faces away some were possessed others were not I remember one student turned away and then he turned around to look at me he was possessed and I grab him by the throat and lifted up by the neck and a yellow substance on my hand glowed and I then snapped it’s neck I remember I felt the power of the lord with me surging both with my soul and my physical body while i was half asleep and half awake then I turned around and I went through an elevator and I woke up.

    8-22-20 a dream where i saw a few seconds of the end of days where everything was on fire and then I had a dream where the spirit of the antichrist was upon me and I felt this evil spirit went inside my body I suddenly woke up and read psalms 111 and the armor of god in Ephesians then I tried to go back to sleep but I had a flash vision of being inside a church with pews a man in a black robe and I saw many demons looking up at me I was floating down ready to strike them down and I heard a voice saying in my right ear something along the lines what’s wrong my child resist the devil there was more but I can’t remember. The power of the Lord surge through my whole body and soul! And the vision ended at 8:17am
    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    After 31 years I was petrified of demons, Satan witchcraft scary movies as I look back in my life and the dreams from the lord I was never affected by them i rarely ever dreamed as a child it’s like the lord was and still is protecting me from Satan. I love Jesus with my whole heart mind and soul. Now that I have courage since and I’m not afraid of Satan or his nincompoos I have been attacked but my motto is if Satan tries to mess with you in dreams or in life just remember he is messing with Jesus, Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit because they are with you all the time! This is my testimony!

  3. Dear Brother in Christ,

    In the dream that you had, you were shown a scene in the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation. The Christians, the true body of Christ [His bride], will be raptured from earth before satan falls from the second heaven. This takes place during the tribulation. Go to Revelation chapter 7 and read it all. The men that have the seal of God in their forehead are 144,000 virgin male Jews. There are 12,000 Jewish men from each tribe that have the seal of God in their foreheads. The Body of Christ that is made up of christians [His Ekklesia], have already been raptured out of this world by Jesus, as well as the dead in Christ, Who rose from the grave first to meet the Lord in the air. Now we received the seal of God by the Holy Spirit when we were saved. Our sins were pardoned by the blood of Jesus when he was crucified on the cross. The Holy Spirit helped us maintain our salvation through faithful devotion in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and God the father.

  4. Please pray with me
    Saturday 12 noon Hawaii Time. That's 5 pm East coast America. Let's all pray across the world if you are able for the lost to find Jesus
    1st Carinthians 15 1-4. I love you

  5. We are entering into an asteroid field (remnants of Tiamat). Asteroids have a chemical in the debris that can be dragged into the atmosphere. It causes absolute psychosis. Sort of like a zombie apocalypse. It makes me think part of the Covid – mask wearing – purpose, and lock-downs are to prevent the masses from inhaling the chemical – if and when it's dragged into the atmosphere; or if and when we are hit with an asteroid. It would be the best way the government can try to prepare without causing panic, and it will help them manage the populace under those circumstances.

  6. The Mark of the Beast is opposite of the seal of God, so in order to find out what both of them are, one needs to determine who the Beast is. There is only one religious system in the world today that meets the Prophetic specifications of the Beast of Revelation 13:1-10 and the little horn of Daniel 7and8 . This system claims the prerogative to forgive sins , the head of the system claims to be God on earth, places church authority above authority of the Bible, and sells indulgences, and what they themselves call “the Mark of their ecclesiastical authority” is the Changing of the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week. So the Mark of the Beast will become the Mark of the Beast against the world once it is made into law. The seal of God being the opposite is obviously the 7th day sabbath given in the creation of our world.

  7. lol! More and more I talk to him out-loud and am not really caring who overhears anymore. I think about Him all day every day now…my mind always is trying to figure out a scripture, or is wondering how He felt about this or that, or sometimes I just laugh at the obvious way He answers my prayers (sometimes it's so in-my-face…lol). I too had a rapture dream that I dismissed as being from me and not the Lord. Then I had a vision later on…and that made me revisit the dream. My dream was…I was at work. It had to be morning due to the person that came outside during the dream only works days. The season was either spring or fall because I was wearing a sweatshirt and ballcap…not shortsleeves, no jacket or coat. The ground started shaking. I was driving a forklift and was excited! I kept saying, "He's here! He's here!" People started coming out of the building and were looking up, shielding their eyes against the bright light. The weird part of the dream was…I was standing near the edge of the building watching all this happen, including watching me driving the forklift toward where I was standing. The vision was different; I was not asleep but my eyes were closed. A black hole opened up and orange-ishy looking angels came falling out. I got scared and opened my eyes, ending the vision. I don't know whether my fear came from my fear of heights…or from seeing the angels falling…probably both, but it's something I don't care to see again. Both of these happened last fall and I haven't had a dream since.

  8. Whoever reads this, know that this testimony is true: I have suffered greatly through my life. With abuse when I was younger by multiple sources. I was beat plenty of times to the point where I'd fear my parent in question, bloody noses, tears and trauma for most of if not all of my youth. Although they are forgiven this is just what happened. For years I was broken but I knew at a young age, about 3 that there was something very wrong with this world. I saw the matrix right infront of me, just didn't know it yet. School & society didn't interest me. My birthday wishes when I was younger were for world peace, hope for all who suffer. My heart was always with the lord. I was raised as a Christian and went to Church. I lived in a bad area, in a very dangerous city and have seen a lot of evil. I dealt with many trials and tribulations like hunger and starvation. And do to all that has happened, it strengthened me, even if I didn't know it and was falling apart. I had protected myself from darkness with a cold personality, but my true nature was shown to my friends and those I loved. And most of the time I am just trying to live happy and make others around me happy & hopeful, spreading love, light, and positivity. Trying to help them with their mental struggles, and the demons that tried to drag them down into the Pitts of hell. When I was very young I remember VERY vividly in a dream still to this day, sitting in the lap of Jesus in heaven on a night I wept for my grandmother, I was in an abusive home. I see what he's done for me, even if in my teen years, I was lost, and out of control, into witchcraft, not dark magic but just interested in the hidden and magical/occult in general, he was still present. I was losing my mind embracing insanity, going through 8 years of depression, tortured by anxiety, and negative thoughts of things that don't matter. I was dealing with Psychosis, panic attacks, all sorts of mental issues. This all started before I even got into being interested in the dark side of life cause that's all I wanted to find was the truth, though I was met with false truths. I was extremely manic at times, and even wanted to kill someone. I was sad and hated myself for so long, its seemed like I gave so much yet was being tormented. I was bullied in school at times and started to hate humanity. For the pain I had in constant emotional agony, made me feel like cutting my arm & bleeding felt more pleasurable then the emotions I was always feeling. I felt death was my friend, cause it would lead me back home. I hoped for death at times. I became very dark, numb, and cold. Started smoking bud, drinking, pre marital sex, sinning, swearing. That demon of the past was trying to annihilate me. Even though I loved god and saw many great signs of his existence, unbeleif was there. I still wanted to know more so I got into wanting to lucid dream, astral project, meditate, sun gaze, mirror gaze, all sorts of spirituality practices, and I fell away from him. Nothing evil, I hope not anyway…except for the tarot cards stuff and the occult. Since then I repented from those things, rebuked, and renounced them. I thought I was doing good for others casting things to help usually only took from me. But then after awhile, feeling good from meditation, working out, eating healthy. I stopped. I fell into the deepest despair of insanity and questioned my everything I ever thought about. EVERYTHING! I was down for awhile, but then I was begging, asking for help, pleading anyone that would listen. And my friend brought me back to the church & on a certain night I begged god for a sign of his existence so I may stop doubting him. And that night I had a dream & at the end of the dream of some random kid on a bike being chased by a madman in a car. I was in a mountain & inside was crystal clear waters, in those waters I was with two others that I don't remember the faces of, but a white horse that gave me an immense feeling of bliss and peace came to me from across the waters from the other side to me & seemingly smiled and the dream ended. When I woke up I was puzzled and asked my pastors and they believe as I did, that it was Jesus. And before this I kept seeing videos of hell pop up in my feed, so I watched them. I was trembling like I never had before. I was not walking with god as I should have, and the guilt convicted me. I was compelled after thinking of all the possibility that there is no doubt that god exists, he is the lord Jesus Christ. I believe in his name as I always have and I am happy that he brought me back to him. I find it funny that my place of torment was called Bethel Road, I kid you not my youth was hell epitomized. He wanted me to fight with him. He made me strong and cold to this world for a reason, but the cold heart turned into a burning anger towards evil, a righteous heart and my wrath and his shall be poured onto those evil entities when fighting with the lord in the legendary battle of Armageddon. The world corrupted one of his angels, I was so pure when I was younger, and wanted to do nothing but help others and care for them. Yet my innocence was stripped from me as I realized the harsh realities of this painful world.
    I have seen angels and great wonders by the lord. Crosses & angels in the sky, visions. I was having excruciating migraines that do didn't go away, asked for him to make them vanish..and they did. This was when I was a kid and was younger and un-programmed, all lies wasn't having any of it. I now have the wisdom by god to see that he brought me back in haste, so I may not be appointed to his wrath. Which is good cause I want to be with him. I detest this evil world, I have always looked to the sky longing for home. HEAR ME FOR MY MIDDLE NAME IS GABRIEL, THIS IS MY TESTIMONY OF MY EXPERIENCE IN LIFE AND WITH THE LORD! Through him my pains washed away, even though meditating helped a little. It would do nothing in these days knowing judgement is here, I am glad I put my faith 100% back in Jesus Christ. If I was meditating and continuing with the new age practices I would be absolutely terrified, depressed, an in utter agony, souly knowing the end is here. But I am happier each day, through all my agony I have found paradise is Christ. Having a relationship with the one who created you. For those who read this and do not believe. DO YOU NOT SEE THE PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! ISRAEL AND ARAB PEACE DEAL WAS APART OF PROPHECY! Israel just split, god is real. (Israel=Is real) IT'S UNFOLDING BEFORE US, THE CHURCH SHOULD BE TALKING MORE ABOUT REVELATIONS NOT AVOIDING IT, THAT IS FOOLISH! You don't want to be here for the coming Judgement, so accept Jesus now for I feel it in my spirit & very soul he is coming for his believers soon. Like almost now soon. I have this INNER KNOWING that he is indeed coming, even when I was not walking with him. At first I was scared to read revelations and hear of it, but then I remembered the rapture and Jesus's blessed promise. Don't let anybody strip you of his promise, his hope. If you are his, walk with him, have a relationship with him, love him, obedient to his grace, fear not. But unlike the devils won't cost you. Jesus's salvation is free. If you reject him, your heart will shatter as his did when you rejected him. You don't want to hear "I never knew you, depart from me!" But Jesus has a big heart, full of love & joy. He heals the broken hearted & those who weren't shown love. His mercy is an ever flowing ocean. Continue to pray everyday, speak to him, and read his word, you will be comforted everyday. Teach revelations with the hope of the rapture. People will run away from Christ if it's doom and gloom, PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE IS THE TRUTH! We are the bride of Christ, the church. JESUS WOULDN'T BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIS BRIDE, which is what the tribulation is. Believe NOW and subscribe to God before its too late! REPENT FOR THE TIME OF HIS GATHERING OF THE CHURCH IS NEAR! BE RIGHTEOUS IN CHRIST! Most importantly accept you are seperated from God because of your sin. No amount of good works or anything will save you. Only Yeshua's Salvation. Accept this free gift and believe that jesus died on the cross, took your punishment on calvary, that he rose on the third day, & ascended into heavan. Choose to walk with the lord, call upon him, ask for his holy spirit. It is by the glory of god I didn't take my life. I thank the lord for everything, gratitude=blessings. In Jesus name bless anyone who reads this, help them see your presence lord, father god let them feel the holy spirit, & be called to come to you Lord. Let them pick up their cross, & follow & worship your mighty name. In the holy name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I've been through it all and yet the way I was lead to was god recently. The lord chose you, chose to suffer for YOUR sins, so we may not perish but have eternal life. Repent and turn away from your sins, change your mind, walk with god, speak to god, have a relationship with Christ & his word will guide you. Pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the coming devastation. Our holy father will save us, you must believe this. Let no one try to take away his promise, we have been faithful. We already are under demonic spiritual warefare. We are not appointed to his wrath, but rapture. Love Jesus, he loves you to give his only begotten son to pay the wages of sin which is death. If you accept Jesus's free gift of salvation you are redeemed. How to accept? Say this: "I believe in the father, son, & the holy spirit. I believe deep in my heart that Jesus is the son of god and that he died on the cross for our sins, rose on the third day, & ascended into heavan. I turn away from sin & will take up my cross and follow you lord, obey your will for me. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

  9. But here's the kicker… while most Christian's sat around being saved from being where they already are, some was in training for what is coming… christianity as yourself describe the EARTH turning into hell, but fail to see that that is exactly what Jesus said that you live where Satan dwells… called all churches except one the synagogues of Satan, said come out of the church or suffer their judgement…news flash..
    Your a bunch of Angels down here where Satan dwells here under contract from Father to help humanity wake up from the GREAT seducing spirit posing as Jesus called christianity… the false bride of CHRIST… none of you know your in hell.. you just can't see it…yet…it's coming

  10. I accidentally bought a cursed object in Africa, which eventually led to a similar dream. It seemed to last for hours and hours. These people were demons in human form, and I ran in terror, looking for any sort of weapon. I finally found the sword I owned, and was able to stand and fight. I must have killed a hundred of them. They killed me a few times, and each time I thought I had woken up, but I was still in the dream. The attack would begin again, and I would have to search for a weapon again. When I finally REALLY woke up, I didn't believe it, and armed myself and waited for the attack. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.

    Fighting them only made the demons attached to me stronger, I had more dreams of demonic attack every night after that. I was being spiritually drained, and eventually could NOT continue. I felt like I was going to die. I sought help from my mothers pastor, and he called in a demonologist. We determined that I must have purchsed a cursed object in Africa, and determined what it was. We performed a ritual, and threw almost all the soapstone objects I bought in a fire. During the final prayer the wind blew strong, and we heard a startling pop from the fire, we finished the prayer, and the wind died down, then we checked the fire. The cursed soapstone figurine had exploded into a thousand peices, but the rest of them were intact. God saved me from destruction, and I could no longer deny Him. Thank you Lord!

  11. I had a vision of darknes being held back. It was like grey horses stall and inside was darknes and on the outside this figure was holding the stall shut. It was actually pushing it to keep it shut. I felt like it was the darkness being held back. But not for long.we need to turn Jesus now.

  12. I had a vision in or around 2014 it was the younger Jesus in a desert cave and the wooden ladder went into the cave the Older Jesus risen the worn robe and His sandals climbing into the cave when He saw His younger self The younger Jesus standing next to a Roman Clock hands on 12
    Light was from Jesus not day light or night
    Because we do not know the day or hour He will come.🤲🏼🙏💖 the next day was a Holy day of remembrance and the mass was being said by a phillipino priest the Angels surrounding the altar and in the pews was a young curly haired boy about the boy Jesus age who had a black button down shirt with Roman numbered clocks all over the shirt the clocks were gold.
    I know he saw the vision too. GOD BLESS YOU

  13. Nate, God bless you for this video !! You can reach a lot of people , glad your married and taking God serious, stay humble keep posting if God wants you to, this video is very interesting, this is the last age and things are all pointing to the Rapture ,God bless Nate and family , the seal in the forehead is what I believe to be the 144,000, Jews that Testify of Jesus After the rapture , Maybe ???? Just maybe God has shown you what it will be like for the 144.000 after Rapture ? Nate liked your evangelical Spirit , Brother Vernon and family UK,


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