Tracy Cooke & Emma Stark share end time prophecies on President Trump & the coronavirus.
▶▶Psalm 91 Protection (Book & Prayer Card):
What is God doing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Tracy Cooke and Emma Stark are strong prophetic voices with timely words you will want to hear!

Blessed assurance for turbulent times! Offering an in-depth look at “protection” promises, Peggy Joyce Ruth walks you verse by verse through Psalm 91 to open your eyes to the truth of God’s presence.

In Psalm 91 (book), Peggy’s comforting insights—and the personal testimonies of others—will help you turn away from fear and terror, and instead trust that God’s supportive shield surrounds you in every imaginable circumstance, coronavirus or otherwise!

With it, you also get our personalized Psalm 91 Prayer of Protection card for powerful and immediate action to decree over yourself and your family. Use it daily!

Psalm 91 is a powerful anchor in turbulent times and the perfect antidote to fear!

Peggy Joyce Ruth and her husband, Jack, former pastor at Living Word Church, has taught Wednesday night adult Bible study for over thirty years. She continues to teach a weekly radio Bible study called Better Living on KPSM 99.3 FM. She has been a featured guest and many seminars and conferences.

▶▶Psalm 91 Protection (Book & Prayer Card):

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  1. Please dont lead me into distructions, i so much this Channel prior the élection of Trump Junior the now Président of USA. I ve been wondering how you guys tied Trump administration to God's purpuse following what i ve been observing about the so much respected USA of "ALL". I dont wheather its still the "white suprematy" but by his grace i can see clearly now when the < GENERALS> started talking .God bless America for their pass job and the the future one they are going to do all over the World

  2. Omg I had a similar dream I saw scientist in the lab spreading chemicals from a big machine on company(working people that wear uniforms) clothes and attached to it they spray it in the air from a medal silver bottle and it was stacks of clothes many rooms of scientist doing the same thing…..Thanks for giving me confirmation on my dream I didn't know what it mean but I knew it scientist were up to no good. Thanks again for that confirmation I really needed that!

  3. Well now with what’s going on is it still okay to still vote for trump I thought these prophets knew what they were talking about! Smh fake false prophet indeed I pray that God throws that wicked man off that seat!

  4. Something is wrong with this Picture People … President Nixon sent in the biggest shipment of weapons to Israel ever supplied to any Country when Israel was hemmed in on all sides by 3 countries in 1967 … Israel would have been destroyed without His help … In fact His aide Kisinger advised Him to "Let Israel bleed" … But He sent help anyway … How come Sid didn't mention this He had to know that … But still said no President has done more for Israel than Trump … And as far as this so called Prophet here We are almost at June first and the Virus isn't diminishing … He said the virus would diminish around Pass Over April 15th or 16th … The Bible says You will know a true prophet because the things they say would come to pass … Also I don't understand what this Woman was talking about the Angels being despatched … They already are … The Bible says The Angel of the Lord Himself would be encamped around Us at this time … Once again Sid should have known this … This is emotionalism not Spirituality … Brothers and Sisters just because the majority believes something doesn't make it true … PLEASE FACT CHECK ME … I am telling You the Truth … Jesus said "See that no man deceive You " … No man

  5. How can ANYONE believe a word either of these 2 guests say? God on His knees? Bernie MAC? The Bible says that young men will prophesy and old men will dream doesn't say THING about women doing either! And this guy claims that God showed a lab in Wuhan "cerating", (creating) the virus…oh please.

  6. I have heard Jesus voice many times, I have seen the Holy Ghost drive my car and much more saving my life. God gives me dreams of what is to come in the near future. Jesus speaks in very short precise demands, I cannot believe all of what this man is saying. It sounds as though he is hyping up some of what he is receiving. Only God and he knows but this guy is seemingly somewhat a showcase. Because most people only tell their family of things God lets them know because critics and unbelievers make fun of them and this man and woman I do question both! I would be terrified if I said anything outside of what Jesus let me know. I pray they are aware of their correction by the Lord if they are saying any more than the truth!

  7. No one have seen God. Have ask yourself why will they miss the holy spirit n go straight to God? While the appostle was here they work with holy spirit we never heard then say I saw God they will always say the angle of the Lord said to me or a message came from the servant of God. Why is it now they say I saw God or I saw Jesus n he said or Jesus came to me .

  8. How is 2 prophet from God have different revelations and speak different vision of one problem God said to him is about America and trump and the other God is bringing revival to the world .take a moment and let the holy spirit speak to your soul .think about it one God speaking 2 different things ? About one problem coronavirus. People go n pray n read your bible yourself .last days bible says even the elite will be deceived. False prophet

  9. In all my legal motions I file in-court, in the end of the motion in an entitled paragraph called, "PRAYER," where you end in asking the trial court judge to grant your motion. I away begin in citing Palms 91 in, "…the defendant prays Palms 91 that the court will grant this motion…"


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