The GOSHEN Distinction! Watchman Warnings #6 on end time prophetic dreams about righteous judges & righteous judgement! Psalm 91 protection!

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See into the spirit realm by learning to see in the spirit! Learn how to have visions and how to open spiritual eyes in the seer realm! Join us weekly as we upload new and practical teachings and guides to walk in the supernatural life of the spirit seer realm in the deeper things of God! Learn how to become a mature son of God, hearing God through your dreams via dream interpretation Christian which empowers us to understand dreams and visions from God! As we hear Gods voice clearly, we can learn how to prophecy His heart as His seer prophet!

Learn how to open your spiritual senses and walk in supernatural power in this school of the spirit for the Christian seer. Move in translation by faith as we learn how to spirit-travel for the Kingdom of God, advancing into topics like how to time travel when we learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly! How to go to the future and how to go to the past for the Christian are part of the John 1412 powers of the age to come!

We’ll learn how to have visions from God, how to get your spiritual eyes open, how to see demons and angels, and how to work with angels in advanced spiritual warfare as we destroy darkness as a mature son of God, walking in the deeper things of God!

00:00 – Victimization or Victory?
01:31 – The Goshen Distinction
02:49 – Thriving in Crisis
04:40 – Dream #1: House of Refuge
06:09 – Dream #2: Collapse & Ascend
09:42 – What Have You Seen?

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  1. I want to experience what Moses did in Exodus 33-34. That vision came up 3 different times when I prayed for 3 different people. I thought it was for them but after learning from your wisdom I am wondering if it is for them or for me. I will need to be praying about that. Thank you for helping me.

  2. Thank you for your great videos! After watching your video about portals a few weeks ago, I first had a dream about running a race and being twice as fast as my opponents. Then I was instructed in a dream to test a famous politician on covid. Through a plastic portal I put a nasal swab up her nose, then I was back in my house with the swab and got a test kit to perform the test. It felt as true justice and righteousness, just as you describe in your video. It also made me laugh so hard because I would never have come up with such an idea!

  3. Vapour of 1 19 to 2 3 l on a mission to deliever children when l see a fire burn smoke approching through a dry land so l turn to finish my mission and woke up.. ..been watching the midnight ride with david carrico very interesting.

  4. Such Rich Truth!!!

     I purpose to comment on this more in the future.

    having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.
    Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.
    So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths,

  5. Thank you for your obedience. I have been learning and it’s been explaining what I’ve been experiencing and dreaming or see in the spirit. I had a dream houses were being marked blue and saw as well blue waters but Mansions weren’t marked only small houses in different neighborhoods. Then I had another dream people were running away from something and others were on their knees praying and were not afraid. I have subscribed to the channel and watching your playlist at work so I can hear them and go home and rewatch to take notes. There is more I have experienced but didn’t know it meant and your videos is explaining a lot . Thank you

  6. I dreamt I descended onto a high hill and was with a team which included people and angels. We set off in small groups into the city on a mission. We could see and walk through walls. We were looking for believers. We found many of them praying, shut up in their bedrooms or in their basements. We were able to supernaturally transport them to the top of the hill, unseen, and once the whole team had gathered we ascended. I believe this was some type of rescue operation.

  7. I had a vision in 2020 .I was told "a spirit of fear has been sent against you" (me,us) and that I should declare victory over my life .
    I had a dream of Jesus. He let me see him sitting above the earth 🌎 and looking down at us all . He was very still and deep in prayer .He was praying for us . Beside him an angel was standing ,he was holding what looked like a orb of light that he was waiting for Jesus to tell him it was time to deliver it to us . Then I seen a man on earth who looked identical to Jesus in appearance but was more muscular and handsome. His face was angry, He was Satan

    I had another dream where the sky opened and there was a army of angels ready for battle.

    I've had many dreams of dark days on earth .lots of tornados .

    I had a dream of being in hiding and I held my hand up above my head and giant grapes landed on my hands. So huge ! I looked into a open shed door and inside was a severed head of a giant laying in a trailer. I went inside another building where people were in hiding and even tho we had no electricity the chandelier on the ceiling lit up one light bulb at a time as I watched.

  8. I want to start by saying thank you for being faithful to the Lord and sharing the wisdom he has given you with the world. My ears are hearing. I am having vivid dreams, just finding it hard to learn to interpret them, believe me I am asking HIM. December 4th, I had a vision early in the morning. It was Spring and a White Horse with majestic wings trouts quickly in front my eyes circling back to the middle of a green field. Like a taxi picking me up. I fearlessly approached and mounted the horse bareback and it took off in speed across the green field and suddenly the ground was no more (cliff) and wings sprung out taking flight and we ascended into the clouds. After some time I stood on the horse and ascended off its back further into the sky. End vision. There was so much peace and the most beautiful colors in the sky (pastel shades). Still searching for scripture but interpretation has led me to this. The end of the cliff being the end of something, White Horse always leads me to Jesus and his army descending from the clouds. I know the Lord is quickly equipping many for something we could never imagine and your channel just speaks to my spirit. I've always known there is so much more, Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life – He's revealing what's behind those beautiful eyes of His. God Bless you brother. I would appreciate if you could further discuss discerning the small characteristics that make it quick to spot the enemy. You've helped with your other videos tremendously. I find this to be an area to improve and strengthen in my own walk.

  9. You first have to join the right church or religion and that is usually influenced by the family tribe village town city country you are in. Your beliefs are all filtered through this lens. How many religions and denominations are there, all claiming to hear from god, and god tells them all a different story

  10. I know that war is coming to the world but that the righteous will be protected. The Lord will make a way for their escape – not all the righteous will escape but this is OK because they will be taken to the Lord in paradise. It is not everyone's destiny to live through the times that are coming. We can only survive if we have the Holy Spirit to be our guide.

  11. He hasn't shown me anything about the end times. But I did dream about Angels with doves wings a couple weeks ago. They were happy coming to the earth in a spiral like formation. And the place they coming to was all lit up


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