End Time Talks 15: When Does The Battle of Gog Magog Happen?



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  1. It cannot be "The End Times" of "Jesus' Return" and "The Rapture" any Time Soon, because these Scriptures must be Fulfilled First:
       # 1: John the Baptist Quoted "The End Time Sign" of {ISAIAH 40:4-5 NIV} That: 
    "All the Valleys will be Filled In, and All the Mountains will be Leveled, and the Whole Earth made Smooth. Then the Whole World will See the Salvation of the Lord." {LUKE 3:5-6}

            {MATTHEW 24:16} Jesus says when You see the Abomination that causes Desolation spoken of the Prophet Daniel then let those that are in Judea flee to the Mountains.

           The Desolation is when those Leveling all the Mountains of the Earth come to Level the last of the Mountains: the Temple Mount and God's Holy Mount Zion.

          {ISAIAH 52:10} "When the Lord returns to Zion they will see it with their own Eyes."

           So when Jesus Transforms the Earth into a Paradise with Mountains and Valleys again for His Thousand Year Reign, it will be an Extraordinary Miracle with His Temple on Mount Zion, the Highest of Earth's Mountains! {MICAH 4:1}

         As of now, there are taller Mountains than Mount Zion.

         # 2 {MATTHEW 24:29-31} The Sun will be darkened, and the Moon won't give its Light; and the Stars will fall from the Sky, and the Heavenly Bodies will be shaken. 

            Then Everyone will See as Jesus Returns on the Clouds of Heaven with Power and Great Glory. And He will send His Angels with a loud Trumpet Call, and They will gather up His Elect from the Four Winds from one end of the Heavens to the other. 

          So, according to Jesus "The Rapture" happens after all these Terrible Things happen in the Sky- not before.

         # 3: God Promised us Thousands of more Years from now before "The End Times" when God Swore with an Everlasting Oath to Give Abraham's Descendants the Land of Canaan as Their Inheritance for a Thousand Generations. {1 CHRONICLES 16:15-18 & PSALMS 105:8-11} 

           {MATTHEW 1-17} List the 42 Generations from Abraham to David to Jesus. 

            At an Average of just 20 Years per Generation Born from then on would take over 19,000 Years to Birth the remaining 958 Generations God Promised Abraham's Descendants would Inherit the Land of Canaan.

           Minus the 2022 Years since Christ. Since Our Calendars are based on Before Jesus' Birth and After His Death BC/AD. 

         That leaves over 17,000 more Years before God destroys the Earth with Fire.

         As {REVELATIONS 20:9} says God destroys the Earth with sudden Fire from the Sky shortly after letting the Devil out of the Prison that the Devil was locked in for the Thousand Years of Jesus' Reign,after the Devil stirs up the Children of the Thousand Years for a Battle against the Lord. {REVELATIONS 20:4-9}

         {ZEPHANIAH 1 & 2} God tells about destroying the Earth and Everything on it with Fire, and mentions destroying Canaan by Name.

            Minus a 1000 Years for Jesus' Thousand Year Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth- that would leave over 16,000 Years from now until Jesus' Return and "The Rapture" of the Elect could take Place.   

           Yet, Only the People that had been Killed for Their Testimony of Jesus are Resurrected back to Life to Reign with Jesus during His Thousand Years Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth. The Rest of the Dead are Resurrected after the Thousand Years. {REVELATIONS 20:4-5}

            Chapter 21 starts with the Righteous being Given a New Heavens and a New Earth with a New Jerusalem, where the Lord wipes away all Tears, and there is No more Death, No more Pain, nor Sorrow. For the former Earth has passed away.

            God put His Supernatural Signature within the First Chapter of MATTHEW that Lists the 42 Generations from Abraham to Jesus- to Prove that God Indeed Inspired it Letter by Letter; and Jesus is as His Name Means: God With Us! {MATTHEW 1:23}

           See THE SIGNATURE OF GOD Book by Grant Jefferies about that.

           Where I also Learned about the many Impossible Prophetic Messages that God Encoded within the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures to Undeniably Prove that God Indeed Inspired each Letter to be just as each Letter is in the Original Hebrew Scriptures.

         The Most Significant Bible Codes Message found so far is: JESUS IS MY NAME Encoded at Equal 20 Letter Spaces from First Letter to Last within the Hebrew Scripture: {ISAIAH 53:10} 

           "Yet it was the Will of the Lord to Crush Him and cause Him to Suffer and though the Lord makes His Life an Offering for Sin He will See His Offspring and prolong His Days and the Will of the Lord will Prosper in His Hands."  

             God Encoded JESUS IS MY NAME in Hebrew within the Prophecy over 700 Years before Jesus fulfilled it. 

            {ISAIAH 9:6} "For unto us a child is Born, to us a Son is given, and the Governments will be on His Shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." 

           Jesus said: "Truly I tell You, Whoever Hears my Words and Believes Him who sent me has Eternal Life, and will not be Judged but has crossed over from Death to Life." {JOHN 5:24}

           I have seen Jesus more than Once. 

          The first Time that I Remember, I was a Preteen, in a Church Restroom dressing into a White Robe to go be Dunked under Water in- to be Baptized.  

          But I didn't understand Why I needed to be Baptized, I was just doing it because my Sunday School Teachers said that I should do it to show that I Believe in Jesus.

           Well, I had heard God Speak to me as clearly as Anyone, just a few Months before.    The Day I saw my Younger Sister Smashed like a Frog Dead on the Street after I got in a Terrible Fight with her.

           I was in a Nightmare that I couldn't wake up from Overwhelmed with Guilt and Sorrow.

           Until God said to me as clearly as could be:  "Do not Worry about Your Sister, She is Happy Here in my Arms, and will never know Pain or Sorrow again. And Don't Worry about Your Fight, She only Remembers Love. I took her Early because She couldn't handle the Evils of this World that You must still Endure."

           So, in the Church Restroom I just looked up and Asked God: "Why do I need to be Baptized?"

           Instantly the Ceiling opened up with a Sparkling Golden Light that I ascended up within right into the Throne Room of Heaven. 

           I saw Jesus beaming with brilliant Colorful Light with Two Halos of Light Outlining Jesus- That I now know are the Father and Holy Spirit. For as Scriptures say:  "Jesus is the Image of the Invisible God." {COLOSSIANS 1:15} & {JOHN 14:9} Jesus says: "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father."     

            Jesus was holding Their Arms out to me to come to Them on Their Throne of Light.

            I then Transformed into a small Four year old like child, and I just ran and Jumped up into Jesus' Lap, and They Hugged me with such Comforting Love that I had no doubt I am a Beloved Child of God. 

           So I Understand the Scriptures that Jesus says: "Unless You Change and become like a small child, You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven." {MATTHEW 18:3}

            And: "I will Give You the Right to sit with Me on my Throne as I sit with my Father." {REVELATIONS 3:21}

            I Now Know that each of us have been a small child that has run and Jumped up into Their Loving Embrace as the Beloved child of God that each of us are. You just have Your Memories removed for Your Assignments as Humans. That each of us Agreed to before each of us are Born.

            Since then I have Supernatural Understanding of many Things, as I Ask Jesus all kinds of Questions, and He Answers me. For Jesus said in Scriptures: "Ask so You may Receive, and Your Joy will be full!" {JOHN 16:24}

            One Question I Asked Jesus, after I saw Jim Hartford's Testimony on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" – Jim was Dead for Over 9 Hours before Jesus brought Jim back to Life Healed of his debilitating Disease.

           Jim was Saved by Angels as the Devil was trying to pull Jim down into Hell. Saved because Jim's Family was Praying for Him. 

          Then Jim was taken to the Library in Heaven where He saw Jesus with the Book of Jim's Life. Jim was very Embarrassed because Jim's Book was so thin, as Jim then Learned that only the Things that Jim did out of Love and Kindness for Others stay in His Life's Book. {MATTHEW 25:31-46}

         {PSALMS 139:16} "You saw my Unformed Body. All the Days Ordained for me were Written in Your Book before One Day came to be."

          Jim said Jesus then took him to the Nursery in Heaven filled with the Babies that had Died, especially the Aborted Babies.

          I then Asked Jesus: "Aren't the Aborted Babies and the other Babies that die just Born at another Time?"

         Jesus told me: "Yes, They are Born during my Thousand Year Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth during the Best Time in this Earth's History. Then all the Children that Died are Reborn after the Babies. All that Died before reaching the Age of Knowing to Reject the Wrong, and Choose the Right." {ISAIAH 7:15}

          Some more of my Favorite Scripture Promises of God are:

           {LAMENTATIONS 3:31-32} "No One is cast off from the Lord Forever, though He brings Grief, He will have Compassion, for so Great is his Unfailing Love."

        And: "Do not Worry, for even the Hairs on Your Head are all numbered." {MATTHEW 10:30 & LUKE 12:7}

  2. I'm wondering why you didn't tell that Ezekiel lists the allies of Gog and Magog in his prophecy which are the Muslim nation's. When Putin, which is Gog, attacked the Ukrainian people, which are second generation Jewish Holocaust survivors, it fulfilled Ezekiels prophecy to a T. Putin is the red horseman of the apocalypse, which takes peace from the earth with his great sword that was given to him. There is no way to get around the fact that Ezekiel says the war will take place in the last days, which refers to the final seven years of the tribulation. I started out as a fan of you guys when I saw that you found Christ to be the greater Moses, which keeps him practical, instead of some kind of comic book hero. but now I see that you reject the fact you are even in the final seven years, despite the Bibles numerous reinforcements that you are. The point of this is to remain practical and relevant when preaching, even though the church age has ended. When you meet Christ and he holds some things against you just as he did with the churches in revelation, do not be surprised, for the penalty of preachers and teachers of improper translations is somewhat lofty. I'm sure in the case of you and your associate he will display grace and mercy, but I would be more careful if I was you.
    Sincerely- just a messenger.

  3. The war is now it's not fought with guns it's spot spiritually and it's right now everybody that followed the statue or the image and went and got the job the patent for the job is 666 they just took the mark of the beast because first we went through the stage of nobody can buy or sell without the mark and then came along the mark the job the patent number for the devil 666

  4. I just came across a strange bit of information. In 1947 when George Herbert Walker Bush entered Yales Skull and Bones society he was named "Magog". 21 years later when his son George W. Bush entered the same secret society, he was named "gog". Just throwing that out there for all you hungry conspiracy theorists. 😉

  5. Gog and Magog are micro/nano-sized organism/element of chemical compounds found in Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMO products, Processed Food and Water, etc. Gog and Magog are not humans. Btw the Father of Covid 19 and its Vaccines, William Henry BILL Gates III @aBEELahab and wife were prophesied and heavily condemned by God in the Quran, Chapter 111:1-5

    Peace from Elijah/Elias.

  6. As you know, the Qur'an was sent by God about 600 years after Christ and its contents are more up-to-date and have not been changed.

    For this reason, citing the Qur'an can be stronger

    According to verses 5 to 9 of Surah Al-Isra in the Qur'an, God says in the Torah that we told the people of Israel that you will cause great corruption in the land twice, and the second time we will destroy you by the people, and they will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque. Homes are searched to find you

    If we look at the Middle East now, we see the Israeli influence and sedition in the region and the killing of Palestinian women and children.

    And Iran is likely to retaliate against Israel given growing international pressure from the United States and the West

    Another issue mentioned in the Qur'an is that God said that those whose rights have been lost will eventually rule the earth, and that he is probably the twelfth Imam of the family of the last prophet. His name is Mehdi.

    This is stated in verse 105 of Surah Anbiya:

    In the Psalms, after mentioning (the Torah), we wrote: "My worthy servants will inherit (the government) of the earth!

    Regarding Jesus Christ, God says in the Qur'an that he was not killed or crucified. Rather, we raised it to the sky

    And in verse 61 of Surah Al-Zukhruf, God says that the coming of Christ is a sign of the approaching resurrection. So never doubt it, and follow me, this is the right way

    In the narrations of the Shiite Imams, it is said that Jesus Christ came from heaven to help the Absent Imam (Mahdi) and peace between Christians and Muslims.

    And probably in the same period or before that, God will open the barrier that was built on the people of Gog and Magog by an Iranian king and they will attack the people from every direction.

    In general, we will soon enter an important period of history. God has not sent Yamberi for centuries and people have been left alone. Oppression has taken over the world. Certainly, God will not remain indifferent and will soon send signs to punish the wicked people in the world

    Increased earthquakes, climate change, wars and food shortages and rising diseases

    These are the cases with which God punished the people of the past


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