End-times author Jeff Kinley hopes to inspire readers to be informed, equipped, and ready for what the Bible prophesies will one day unfold. “We need to be prepared for the return of Jesus Christ,” Kinley recently told CBN’s Faithwire. And that’s the topic of a new book he authored alongside fellow eschatological mind Mark Hitchcock. Titled “Global Reset: Do Current Events Point to the Antichrist and His Worldwide Empire?” the book covers some fascinating ground, particularly concerning the intersection of prophecy and current events. Watch him discuss the Great Reset, theology, prophecy, and more.

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  1. Shrink the size and influence of the Federal government and global corporate influence. Return the power to States and local governments and break up the monopolies and information control by the leftist MSM and big tech.

  2. 🙏 Hello friends I have New videos for you on bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless you 🙏

  3. Saints BELIEVERS Holy people be Holy as He is Holy are to have wisdom and patience to endure to the end Rev.13:10 Last day John 6:39 , 40, 44 and 54 when WE GET RAISED UP! Last day is the last day always was always is

  4. Russia America Germany England NOT mentioned in Revelation animals are Daniel 7 Rev 13 ////BEAR =Russia Lion=England Eagles Wings =America Leopard =Germany // Goat an Ram see Daniel 8 😃10 nations horns different than the rest trambles fierce

  5. The Klaus Schwab club didn't just use the pandemic effect to further their agenda. The pandemic and certainly the jabs (as they weren't vaccines) were part of the Agenda. The communists have always said that to take over a country they need to demoralise it first.

  6. Very interesting, thank you. I find it somewhat difficult to find the time to read all the books coming out, so it is good to see programs like these!

  7. The flood that came out the dragons mouth. Hmm the lie naming the common cold gives it fear where no fear should be in order to install the 4th industrial revolution into people.

  8. Read the book The Great Controversy and you’ll get a lot of answers. America does play a huge part in Bible prophecy. The papacy is the anti-Christ.

  9. "Will the Jewish people love a 45 year old, catholic, polish women as their Jewish Messiah" That's how i already revealed myself back in October. My name is MAGDALENA this time. If that's not enough proof that JESUS was a Messiah then there is another one. Everything God showed me and told me happened outside. GOD IS NOT INSIDE THE CHURCHES. TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW😥🙏🕊🕊🕊

  10. I believe the anti Christ is here and believe it or not, people will not want to know who I think it is, I believe it's Donald Trump, I know that sounds crazy, but if you do your research about this man, there's a lot more than meets the eye

  11. And Jewish rabbis have been looking for the last 2 and a half years for a unblemished calf that is very big from what I understand. I don't understand everything, but that's a big deal.

  12. Also, "the great reset", does not occur, until Jesus returns for one thousand years .
    Truth is, Church Age, the Rapture, and the Tribe. Period, all blend from one event to the next, until Christ ends it all, and "resets" the world.

  13. Superpower – they are in debt with no resources to back it up. Russia and his new buddies are raking the lead have money and great natural resources.


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