I had a dream vision of the presence of the Holy Spirit. All the false brothers, false apostoles, false pastor’s, false prophets, and false teachers will face the wrath of God Many times in our daily walk we lose our faith and trust in God. I just learned a very important lesson. That God is faithful and loyal and will deliver those that belong truly to him. The LORD YAHWEH is in full control and speaks through us through prophecy and his servants.

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Jesus Christ Loves you and is the only way to HEAVEN
God is real and is alive
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  1. Anthony, Did you think about your spiritual gift that the Lord gave you? He may be telling you that the youth in the church need your help to bring them back the right path. Think about your path of difficulties on your job. Think about go to seminary to get training for God's calling. Some one out there is praying for you.

  2. My friend used to lend me her worship cd’s and I listened to Toby Mac too. Everyone should listen to Mandisa’s song called Free 😇 an old song but very relevant and upbeat for today. You have the gift of encouragement. Keep fighting the good fight of faith Anthony🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Thanks Anthony. This video helped me out a lot. I've been feeling worried. I can see the demons in people. Sometimes i think that there's no hope in humanity. I shall stay close to the holy spirit. I will not give up. Got bless brother.

  4. Bro ask the Lord to give u the gift of tongues . when u receive start praying in the spirit for long time. You will feel the fire of the Lord a lot!


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