12 days until the possible Rapture on 2020 Feast of Trumpets



  1. Trump has offered yet another two state solution for false peace. God is more than clear what He said He was gonna do to a country that dared to divide Israel. You are seeing it with your own eyes.

    Trumps peace plan with moderate Muslims is not the peace treaty signed or enforced with anti christ but it is the prototype / forerunner that anti christ will make stronger.

    The moderate Muslims making peace with Israel is crossing a red line to the fundamentalist Muslims. They know that they are being made irrelevant. This is what brings the Psalm 83 war and from that will come the chaos needed for the anti christ to arise

    Now is the time to believe upon Christ Jesus (1 Cor 15:1-4) and be raptured (1Cor 15:50-55, John 14:1-3) or face being left behind to face Gods wrath !!!!!!


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