John Kerry supports surveillance of the Temple Mount but the PA are rejecting the idea , current violence in Israel is nicknamed “Intifada of Knives”, Hungary is closing it’s borders to perserve Christian values, France are demolishing churches and building instead mosques, more and more “No Go Zones” in France and Europe, Kalergi plan implemented in Europe, Paul Ryan, the new speaker of the House of Representatives opens with a Call for Prayer and ask to unify.



  1. Some good news; Honduras has declared itself a "friend of Israel" and Guatemala has elected a Christian president who has declared he will veto gay marriage and abortion law proposals. Perhaps these countries will be among those who protest if the Northern army invades Israel anytime soon.

  2. Paul Ryan is a huge proponent of open borders and is closely aligned with Barack Obama in many areas. The new Speaker is the same as the old…maybe worse. Please watch what Paul Ryan does versus what he says.

    Many of us in the U.S. prefer that the government does nothing as opposed to pressing their foots on the proverbial gas pedal and driving us right over the side of the cliff. When this administration is pushing to fund the murders of million of babies through Planned Parenthood, we prefer gridlock and division and that nothing be done. When government wants to make horrible nuclear pacts with Iran, we prefer gridlock and division and that nothing be done.

    I'm sorry that I must disagree with you, but as long as our "too big to jail", corrupt government is going down the wrong path, unity is not the answer. The type of government we have only works when moral, Godly men and women are in office. They overwhelmingly aren't, so unifying with Satan's minions is not the solution, in my opinion.

    Edited to add: Thank you so much for these updates. I look forward to them every week, even when I don't always agree with everything. 🙂

  3. are you freely speaking truth or are you enticing the body to rage ? Whilst I am standing-in the Faith I pray for the guidance of GOD's HOLY SPIRIT the words you say seem to preach war ; yet if we have faith HE shall guide us .


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