Report: Iran sent advanced technology to improve Hezbollah rockets …. Russia sends Syria improved S-300 to counter Israeli strikes …. Russians to ‘Go to Heaven’ in a nuclear attack, Putin says

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  1. I really enjoy your updates on the news with all the focus on the news and media a lot of pastors are going off the deep end and putting more time on the world than keeping their eyes on Jesus thanks for the simple but humble report keeping us informed but not distracted Bless you

  2. BEWARE..the Antichrist will show up in the third temple and declare himself as The Messiah (False Messiah/Fake Jesus). Now who is building the third temple and waiting for the Messiah? They are not waiting for Jesus son of Mary

  3. Psalm 83 fulfilled, starting back in 1948. A campaign of wars to stop the return of the name of Israel.

    All this that is coming now is about wealth just as mentioned in Ezekiel 38. Wow so much confusion on this by many, but it's so clear.

    Sounds like Putin has developed a messiah complex. I'm not just smearing, I'm serious. But I guess often people like that gravitate towards govt leadership positions. Thx for the update. Look up, this final generation is coming to a close.


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