Israel strikes a Syrian chemical plant …. Mexico’s strongest earthquake in a century leaves dozens dead …. Hurricane Irma begins to reach Florida as millions of residents evacuate ahead of monster storm …. last week Hurricane Harvey dropped 51 inches of rain on Texas and caused 38 deaths and close to 200 billion dollars worth of damages …. Australia’s postal vote on same-sex marriage will go ahead this month after the High Court dismissed a challenge against it

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  1. Thank you brother Andrew for updating the latest events happening around the world.I am a watchman from India .Praying for u n the ministry to spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth,every tribe n every nation's.All glory n honour to our Almighty God only.Amen Jesus is coming so soon.

  2. Thank you. Things are indeed happening very fast. I have just completed your messages on 1 and 11 Thessalonians. I took lots of notes to share with others. So now the coming of the lord is more real to me when I see the signs and listen to your updates. Shalom from Trinidad in the Caribbean and Todah raba.


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