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  1. Matthew 24:7-8 King James Version

    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows

  2. May Messiah, Jesus Christ, come soon and may we be ready to run to Him. There is extreme prophesy for all end time Christians and Jews (and all wanting to know Messiah) in Song of Solomon. We must know what God placed for us in this prophesy. if it be His will, click on icon. Praise God alone

  3. Common sense idea, don't invite wild animals into your house, this is what Europe has done, just look at the results, it's so tragic and horrific, the rapes, terrorists attacks, robbery's and assaults, now Obama and the NWO want to do this in America, open borders, stupid policies, all with evil intent, NWO creates the problem, now they are providing it's solutions, police state, this will lead to marshal law, at that point no one will be safe, are you ready for a dictator?

  4. Yeah great plan! Open the borders for million of illegals and otherwise unvetted people. The cartels have a new product they are sending us. Then have the US puppet government begin shipping in thousands of unvetted Muslims, while spying on the US citizen, and groping our kids at the airport.
    What are you folks going to do if this is NOT the end of the world? Simply look to the skies as you and your family are gunned down or blown up? Then we have 1 candidate willing to address it, and everyone stands idly by while the NWO does everything to thwart the votes of the people, and fan the flames of division. I do not believe Jesus when referring to his flock meant we should be a pastured bunch of mindless sheep simply voluntarily walking towards our deaths. Jesus would grab a whip, and overturn tables whipping the moneychangers with every fiber in his being. He would not lay down and submit to evil. Get thee behind me Satan. Consider every event that just so happens to match even the vagueness of a lot of prophecy and take a moment to consider that no man knoweth the hour… He comes like a thief in the night…. Consider the events around you may be staged to get you to 'stand down'. Do you really think the Lord was kidding you? The things that are happening are way to obvious, and do not resemble the coming of a thief in the night, more violent engineered tyranny.

  5. Yah open borders to these retards and this is what you get who ever thought that was a good idea is a F***ing idiot what did they expect letting in thousands of people form places where 1/10 is or knows a person who supports terrorist

  6. Wickedness pushing its' lifestyle on the clean to cause more discomfort. Men aren't women but women are men.
    For example a woman is a man with a womb, a effeminate male or female as most know it.
    This do not mean that men or women not consenting to be exposed in front of each other is right.
    Man's law; If a woman doesn't want to be in a public bathroom legally sanctioned by law with a man in a joint gender bathroom she shouldn't go to that bathroom and the same for men.
    It is a privileged to have a public place that man and women can go to re-leave their selfs or to take care of things that pertain to that specific gender. It is unfair that in the middle of the game the government change the rules because of the mass up raising of homosexuality.
    We as mankind don't expose our selfs to each other for a reason. We aren't animals thinking as such!, well most of us anyway.
    It is because of the son of perdition and the spirits that is set free because of him. He is the one who is the anti-Christ. The one who is not a lover of women
    I believe that the homos' or transgenders should have their own bathroom and not burden the women and men with what is known to the heavenly Father as an abomination.
    This hateful system of the world is already trying to take God away from mankind. Thus seeking to make it more violent, perverse and morally unstable.
    This whole situation isn't about homosexual or transgenders, it's about Satan, wickedness, dark powers and principalities in high places.
    Mankind will never win this battle, but fear not for the Christ one have won the war for us all that have excepted him.
    For more info of the system of things in this world, check out this site that will bring more light; ministriesofsecrets.blogspot.com

  7. What he says at 12:57 is´nt true!
    How it can be the most powerful sign for Freedom?
    The Flag is the most burned and hatet Flag in the whole World.
    Since the Iraq War in 1991, America has the most destructive Government in the world!

    I know many good Americans, don´t forget who you are!
    Thomas Jefferson said: "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!

  8. I feel i should inform people that President Barack Hussain Obama has blood on his hands every time isis attacks and kills people. We as americans have had to stand silent as obama played down the threat of isis, even supporting isis from what i understand. How he is still president? No real American knows. Obama has turned left every time the world thought he would turn right.and should have turned right. He has not been held accountable for his actions, and in some cases lack of action. I feel the world has depended on the USA to always deal with threats like isis before it is a threat, and most countries have even depended on this. Well, Obama has not only destroyed a nation, but in many ways a world. In my honest opinion. Obama is a modern day Adolf Hitler.

  9. all abunch of fearmongering and lies ..why aren't people rushing off the train trampling each other or why is that man holding the fake stiff baby not dirty or marked up. why is one guy asking for something at a counter,the news man makes it allll sound so terrible ,they just want a reason to spread propaganda so they can justify another war

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  11. We must unite means all the worlds army are gathering together for WW3 and in the mist of fighting they will join together to fight Christ and his army descending from the east.

  12. We must unite means all the worlds army are gathering together for WW3 and in the mist of fighting they will join together to fight Christ and his army descending from the east.

  13. Vindicated68 on you-tube for the whole truth, you are right there is not much time before craziness starts and it will be much worse than everyone can imagine.  There is a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel though, please go watch do not fear what is to come.

  14. all the terrorist attacks are paid for by the NWO they wanna control everything so they put fear in the people ! people need to wake up to there games

  15. Hey brothers in Christ! These things are in the Bible, right? We can't stop a one world government, nor should you want to! What did Christ say to him that would keep Him from entering into Jerusalem and fulfilling God's prophecy about salvation? 'Satan I rebuke you…' Don't waste your time trying to change what God said WILL COME TO PASS…. Better you spend it to bring the light to the lost! Go and witness love and the message of Christ to this lost world, time to get busy,our time here is short!!! God be is with us!

  16. The Belgium attack was done by design. They flood Europe with the Muslim crisis, creating multiculturalism, white genacide to bring in the N W O. This is just the beginning of the end. the people need to take there country's back and remove the liberal politicians that have sold them out and start deported the invavaders immediately.

  17. This is for all of those who has aspergergers and other disabilities like me! Don't expect a beautiful heaven! The bible tells that people with disabilities shall not come to heaven because God only wants normal people and not autistic and other disabled people like me. We will burn in hell and be forced to drink say and blood because we are an enemy against our white God. We are demons in he's eyes. So all those pastors who tries to bless disabled people can stop because God ha already judge us disabled satanists.


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