President Obama will meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday for the first time since the U.S. ratified a nuclear deal with Iran. Earlier this year, Netanyahu outraged the White House when he urged Congress members to reject the agreement. Now, the leaders plan to address the tensions between the two countries, but expectations are low.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US president Barack Obama in Washington Monday. It’s the two leaders first face-to-face in thirteen months. On the agenda is regional unrest, the volatile Israeli-Palestinian relations, a billion dollar defense aid boost for Israel, and mending fences.

Activists scuffle with riot police in central London as thousands take part in a “Million Mask March” anti-capitalist demonstration.

About 200 protesters loosely aligned with anti-capitalist hackivisit group “Anonymous” march to the White House in Washington DC.

Residents in California saw a bright light in the sky Saturday evening, leaving many to believe it was a UFO sighting. Navy officials say they fired an unarmed missile off the coast of Southern California.

A clothing store in Gaza City, ‘Hitler 2’, is displaying merchandise on masked mannequins, some with knives taped to their hands.

Heavy downpours and strong winds have left a trail of destruction in Texas and Oklahoma.

IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase

Netanyahu to Obama: Israel has not given up hope for a two-state solution

Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister has claimed the European Union could collapse shortly.

A cave-in of a restaurant parking lot in Mississippi swallowed 12 cars and now experts are expected to begin work Monday to determine the cause of the weekend collapse, authorities said.

Pope Francis had to be helped up the steps to an altar at a Rome basilica on Monday, the second time he had fallen publicly since Saturday.

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  1. The world is not coming to an end no time soon, maybe we need to find solutions, we may not be able to stop natural disasters however their is a lot of things we can stop, stop focusing on can't focus on can, the word can't will make somebody else your hero your brains your everything, my country can and God will bless our efforts

  2. It's apparent the Obama's Administration has obviously dismissed the promises God, where Israel is concerned. It doesn't matter what the nations of the world plan against Israel, in fact, God will call them to the Baca Valley, to set up their attack against Israel, but it won't be something they will escape from when they begin their attack. In a matter of an hour, every nation gathered in this assault with Russia will be utterly destroyed!! The world will finally realize Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings and he who fights against Israel will fall! What a foolish thing to think they would be victorious when God watches over Israel!! But to go a step further, Russia's own nation will be utterly wiped out and it will be no more!! This is God's promise to Israel!! AMERICA HAD BETTER STAY TRUE TO HER ALLEGIANCE WITH ISRAEL!!!

  3. If you want to have your mind blown and eyes opened in a way you may have never realized , please take some time and watch this guy and what he has to say. He connects dots and puts things in a light I never have seen before about the " Sign of the times " and what's comming… He talks about all the incredible " end of times " signs happening now . I beleave it with all my heart…. Here's the link :   If the link won't work look up , Jake Hilton ,  Only a matter of time

  4. the chosen people of God are being threated, attacked and Obama is doing nothing about isis cuz he funds them. all of this will come to an end soon. what Jesus Christ comes back, all of the false prophets (including THE false prophet, as well as the antichrist which I believe to be Obama will be cast into the lake of fire) we must all pray and repent to God. also not be deceived by this world's claims and events. homosexuality is not ok but is abominable as the Bible teaches. just cuz the earthly law makes it ok, doesn't mean the word of God makes it ok. also hallywood. lots of celebrities that sold there soul to satan for fame, wealth, and power. not to mention many sublimate messages on tv

  5. The Return Of The bright Morning Star
    The Creator Is Coming Back To Hold Mankind & Humanity Accountable For What They Have done Unto All Of His Creations Great & Small Seen & Unseen>
    I Have All The Real Proof That Jah God Allah Lives & All Of His Angels stand Over 200000 Feet Tall So Wake Up Humanity This Is Warming From The Creator He Is Pissed….
    Yours Truly
    St John The Divine Baptist
    High Priest & Messiah To
    The King Of Kings High Council
    Of The Unseen & Seen Ones

  6. My son and I were stopped when my son did a report on the subject of " how the world is changing"! I just wanted to watch in a 6th grade class as my son did a report on how some countries are stopping christians or killing them for the freedom we all have in America! When my son was told he can't talk about God, or christanty but he could talk about Islaim,demon worship ETC. They gave him a F and we were doing a report done by Voice of the Marters all backed up and ask kids to share about how our freedoms we have is getting worse in other countries to talk about what a person could belive in. I guess America has band talking about God but sex, drugs are OK . I tryed to fight the state school they said we have more LIE ERS they said they would fight all the way! I went to the school as a child and we prayed every day for those who wanted to could pray to what God they belived in! Times have changed!

  7. End of Days or Age/Dispensation means end of this present evil world with its false religious systems called and it is spreaded like 'HEAVENS' and the very unjust,ungodly and insane social orders are called 'EARTH' in an major invasion on Israel in which Divine Intervention will take place in favour of Israel both fleshly and spiritually in overthrowing Satan empire and to establish the KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS YESHUA AND HIS SAINTS CHIEFLY IN MIDST OF ZION & JERUSALEM. Amen [Daniel 2:31-45,7:13-14,18,27,ISAIAH 2:2-4,REVELATION 5:10,11:15,20:1-4 and 6]

  8. all this is Weather manipulation by the elite and fucken HAARP. While Jesus stated these things must come to pass, He never claimed it would be from Him….Its prophetic but it is NOT Gods doing…It is corrupt, evil mens doing. Assholes that they are.

  9. First i wanted to mention that i have been studying a phenomenon since 2000 to figure out some of the questions that have been lingering even decades before i was born. Most of these have been based around this timeline now and the ones coming up but i base some of my research of videos with this same title.

    Now, i absolutely despise that throughout history when someone cannot answer a question that riddles everyone they chalk it up to this annoying "end times" drama. I mean c'mon, those ppl beheaded others over things like doctrine, science etc…and these are the cats that cry out "the end is nigh" and talk about god or gods etc.

    Im not sure what your idea of the end of the world is but ill tell you a few things on this, the ONLY thing that can completely end this planet is another planet crashing into us or the sun burning out…yeah thatd classify. But im pretty damn sure any other answer would be US (you and i) destorying this, you cant, period.

    Oh but we got nukes and stuff, you are JUST barely Type 1, let me explain. Type 0 is basically us in like 1990's, even suprassing conciet of sciences, mathematics, doctrine cannot change or alter anything on or in the planet, period. Type 1, which is ability to alter or manipulate the basic being weather patterns, ie. China shooting a silver concoction into the clouds making it snow. Type 2 is a step above prob being Tsunamis, and possibly earthquakes. Type 3 is the ability to alter, destory or create an entire planet and Type 4 is that but with the sun instead, theoretically even insta travel great distances.

    SOO that means you are barely…..barely…..type 1, meaning what, not even 2 decades ago we JUST made it snow on our own, yeah great accomplishment but all this conceit gets us nowhere, literally. And no nukes cannot destory everything, our bias perspective makes us think only humans matter, first off thats discusting way of thinkin, second of all even "the meteor that wiped out the dino's" didnt kill of everything, or none of you would even be here, period.

    Considering that a fellow Vancouverite (canada) caught a live "dino-fish" altho marine mammals are not actually dinosaurs, just saving time on that one. Go check for yourself i just saw it a few yrs ago, its in the Vancouver Stanley Park Aquarium, cuz im sure alot of ppl like doing this annoying "debunking" thing…(and to those of you that do, its called English, we already got a word for it, its call debate, or debating).

    This basically chalks up to the fact that NO heat nor light can penetrate the SHEER depths of our oceans, it will remain very cold down there and the only thing that can alter that is a Type 3 civilization or another planet smashing into us. Well at least the hot part, if the sun burnt out, wed lose our atmosphere eventually and become like mars, most of the water would rise up into the solar winds etc….

    In all honesty, everythin i just said is not a stab at the person who uploaded it or put it together, that is a message to any idiot that wants to say there is the end times coming, cuz no its not…our sun is meant to burn for MAANY more years, ur lineage of children will barely share any dna with u by the time the sun burns out, naturally. And any body else that tells you otherwise is either a god fearing bible thumper or someone that is small minded or either doesnt have the drive to go find out themselves.

    Ive been able to answer questions like how the fish are dying on us, how there is underwater cities and also how our ancestors knew there was 10 planets orbiting our sun…which keeps us in awe seeing as we, with our grand technology (pff), think there is only 9. The answers are all out there, its basically in every single continent, every country in the bloody world, and these bonesmokers are telling you its "end times" and crying out about gods etc…ill tell you why, cuz they only know two things, Jack and shit…and Jack just left town.

    I mentioned this because im not sure where this video was leading at first with this title, i mean as much as i hate to say "end times" the vids with that title lead me into more fields of my research on these topics. Personally i do not care about events of humans, even nukes, even if they did drop one there are things that can survive, and will. I had to fast forward to like 16 minute mark just to get to topics i was searching for, im hoping the last few will. Honestly as scary as a nuke droppin on my head would be its kind of irrelevant considering what is coming ahead of us right friggin now!!!! No nuke nor human technology will be able to endure it, trust me.

  10. While we are here, let us share the Love of the Spirit of God. The Son of God, Immanuel, God with us, will Pray to the Father, for us to have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… The book of John, chapters 14, through 17, Teach us how to have the Spirit of Truth, live within us. The Messiah wants us to be Comforted, and Taught, Forever… Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone from the heart…

  11. The European images and idols displayed in the churches are not of Christ. Michelangelo first painted the most common religious image used in deceiving the world today. It is a picture of blue-eyes European with blond hair, who they maliciously claim to be Jesus Christ. This false image was modeled after Cesare Borgia, who was the second son of so-called Pope Alexander VI, of Rome. The real Jesus, according to all scientific and historical facts, is an Afro-Asiatic man.<< Exodus 20: <3> Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
    <4> Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any
    thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water
    under the earth

    Video aus
    Übersetzt durch
    Stimme von The Golden Age of Islam under Khilafah
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  14. crazy how we are ok with watching our "Leaders" talk about nuclear weapons.. there shouldnt be no defending ourselves w shit that can extinct us. we gotta synchronize as one and fix this. its never too late. theres enough space out here for every life form. it gets bigger everyday


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