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  1. The UFO phenomenon is real and has a religious foundation. Jesus told us He has "other sheep not of this fold" and with what we know about the universe, anyone who suggests that we are the only intelligent beings within is every growing vastness, is either a fool or someone deliberately spreading misinformation. As the days go on, there will be increasing sightings and videos. Until finally, all will witness. Always remember to do as instructed in 1John4:1-3, and "test the spirits" for all occupants are not friendly to mankind.

  2. GOD bless you Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ. I just had this Revelation from Jesus Christ. Please watch it for Spiritual encourament at https://youtu.be/yuFOWG5s7dY. We are sooooo close to be raptured away from this wicked world. Forward this Revelation to your friends and families. I am sure you want your families also to be saved. GOD Bless you.

  3. What is fiction is that unemployment is on the decline.  Having just gone through hell with them,  know what I speak of.  They will only give you 10 weeks, even if you have a year coming to you. They have become big business.  What are they doing with the rest of the money paid in to them from our employers.Then they don't tell you the law. I was told I could go out of the country and collect as long as I was looking for work.Then they took the money from me they paid me while I was out looking, and I was told the country I went to did not have a contract with America, only Canada does. There are so many more misinformation I was given, on purpose so they could collect the money back and penalties.  Not only me but other people I know as well.

  4. If you want to have your mind blown and eyes opened in a way you may have never realized , please take some time and watch this guy and what he has to say. He connects dots and puts things in a light I never have seen before about the " Sign of the times " and what's comming… He talks about all the incredible " end of times " signs happening now . I beleave it with all my heart…. Here's the link : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c5PO-jlK_l4   If the link won't work look up , Jake Hilton ,  Only a matter of time

  5. Armageddon Can you feel the raging storm approaching?
    Hear the ferocious winds scream, "It's true"?
    Can you see the coal black clouds descending,…
    Concealing the bleeding Blood Moon from view?
    Do you smell the deadly stench of the eerie fog
    Hovering, smothering,
    The petrified – blanketed in sobbing dew?
    Watch the writhing of the snake as he faces battle,
    With The Savior of every believer, Gentile and Jew.
    Do you weep as the blinding lightning strikes,
    And Babylon crumbles in ashes to the ground?
    Do you tremble as Heaven opens and Jesus steps forth.
    Bearing scars and that thorn studded crown?
    Now comes vengeance in the slamming of the rains,
    As they create craters for Lucifer and his crew.
    No longer on earth to reign again.
    The wolves in sheep's clothes unmasked for all to view.
    From the eye of the Lamb tongues of flames land,
    Consuming the perverted, saving God's faithful and true.
    As fiery Hell breaks out, brutal evil is damned,
    Satan has met his Waterloo.
    The pure in heart redeemed forevermore.
    Trumpets sound, angels sing praises to the King,
    Death to Babylon, the great whore.
    Who desired to wear the bridegrooms ring.
    Lucifer, the serpent. in Hell is forever bound.
    For he proved rotten to the core.
    With a mind of a lunatic,a lascivious Hell Hound.
    Jealous of the robe of righteousness Jesus wore.
    Earth was warned but chose not to obey.
    At Jesus' feet they wait and weep,
    This is their Judgement Day.
    Unbelievers called it conspiracy,
    Assuming the truth was just  folklore.
    Lusting after wealth, and power, they reaped
    Damnation and shame,
    They mocked the Lamb, refused His Salvation Plan,
    And have only themselves to blame.
    Engaging in filth unspeakable they scorned the Holy One,
    Frolicking in their abomination,
    Now hear Jesus shout, "It Is Done".
    And it  was foretold long ago if one would turn from iniquity.
    They would be saved, avoid the scorching grave.
    Still they pursued what to God was Blasphemy.
    The truth Evangelists told brave and bold,
    It was foolishness to their ear,
    Now they suffer forever awake in the dark lake,
    Of the fire, condemned for all the wickedness they held dear.
    Jesus, has always been the Alpha and Omega
    The beginning and the end,
    The Faithful and True, the King of Kings , The Lord of Lords,
    And all were warned  time and time again.
    Inspirations by Joan May Donnelly Ellis March 4 2016

  6. Satan's SEAL is a paper one….the B.C. birth certificate…..tear up your deal with Satan or go down with him…."for the mystery of lawlessness(not following the 10 commandments to the letter) is already at work" II Thessalonians 2:7

    end times so don't be caught worshiping I.D.ols of Ba'al…you'll be bailing out of heaven in your pair-a-shoots,,,,
    it's illegal to use a legal ANYTHING….google legal name fraud and STOP breaking heaven's and hell's laws, either way you're damned if you don't wake up….kate

    7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.
    8 When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.
    9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

    You are enslaved in the legal religion of Ba’al Babylon if you wear the legal name mark of the beast where wearing that is illegal by legal design meant to enslave all users of Satan's usury/use-you-ari, steal your soul or damn it worshiping the I.D.ol, mark of the beast…..only damned, and I do mean damned, fools worship Satan's mark (legal name) and his goofy legal nonsense where only 10 commandments need be applied…legal name = I.D.ol worship but you're likely too stupid to even google legal name fraud to get out of the webs you're tangled in…your choice, it's illegal to use a legal name/anything in Satan's legal world without a B.A.R. card…If you want to play with legal demonic sorcery, then go serve Satan properly with one of his double down and damned legal B.A.R. membership cards and that way you can fleece humanity with your greedy lust along with those heading to Hell…legal name = consenting to be dead slave, you have no rights and no voice in Satan's courts because you're already seen as dead…If you think you're a dead thing then you are what you thing you are by your actions and choice to live in a dead world of ACTS, axes and axis death contracts…it’s a deed thing of doing right, not a DEED thing of justified wrongs and evil…..google legal name fraud, your soul depends on it…ignore this then at least you KNOW you’re going to hell with Satan’s fallen B.A.R.mitzva buoys….it’s illegal to use a legal name because it’s MEANT to be illegal to use a legal name, all Satan has to do is get you to think you don’t exist in real life, only in grave-in image I.D.-dolls, make you the original signer/sinner felon criminal where only B.A.R. club members can practice legal “law”. Everyone else is a criminal by THEIR legal definitions and this is how your lives are ripped apart every day by their armed goons and filthy black robed judges and lawyer demons stealing families, children, homes, business and lives murdered: They’re not killing anyone who hasn’t agreed to be their already dead citizen, thus, getting away with murder regularly, regardless of race or religion: legal is the gnu whirled whore-der religion and you’re the whored-RV’s they consume…..google legal name fraud, your very life depends on it…or don’t and be the same stoop-I.D. child whining about RIGHTS instead of doing what’s right….your choice, tick tock, not much clock left…the T-wins…..
    As a fundamental flaw/mistake of all legal proceedings, it is a legal fact in the legal reality/fictional existence that it is illegal for anyone/everyone, outside of a B.A.R. card (in which one must already be in fraud to enter LAW SCHOOL using a FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME as one example of fraud on fraud regardless) or SWORN OATH using a fraudulent, with permissions granted ONLY TO TITLE(S), attached to LEGAL NAME(S) likewise, to serve the "owners/operators" of the fictional CROWN CORPORATION by wilfull AND knowing/unknowing, omission/commission of FRAUD absolute.) consent to be, act as, lay claim to, act in the role of, etc. et al a legal name/legal entity/legal character as it appears in any/all Books of the REGISTRAR/REGISTRATION/REGISTRY(regis-tree = dead CROWN family I.D.-entity tree) whereby any/all legal name/s/titles/designations/ranks/corporations etc. et al are, in fact, PROPERTY OF THE CROWN CORPORATION and use thereof without clear and explicitly present PERMISSION(S) by the "legal owner or representative" thereof, by and for said/such "owner" of all such/said legal creations, is illegal in every way rendering such user in a state of instant dishonour in the "ayes of the court", a fraudulent felon/criminal, regardless of the nature of any/all accusations made by any/all CROWN CORPORATION REPRESENTIVES, B.A.R. card/Sworn oath or not since they are in the "commision" of a fraudulent act (i.e. CAFR accounts, Bonds, etc.). Here, in this doctrine, it is SPELLED out for the reader/receiver clearly and their lack of understanding this doctrine renders them INCOMPETENT thus everything they "TAKE" is a "MIS-TAKE" ab initio where FRAUD was/is the INTENT of LEGAL NAME(S) FRAUD ad infinitum and obviously a criminal mind/heart is incapable of rational thought where a "reasonable" being (insane) simply looks for every reason under the sun to escape their own responsibility, via LEGALITY IS NOT REALITY "legal means" in their complicitness in these crimes against creation and truth until they decide otherwise; simply put, criminals, destroyers of humanity, destroyers of life itself; In short, it is illegal to use a legal name/ANY/ALL legal references aforementioned, regardless of claims made to the contrary by any/all "legal agents" to the contrary where "legal agents" is defined herein as anyone who uses any/all legal "definitions" of who and what they think they are; a dead fictional character, no voice. Following this outline are only some examples of the total illegality of legal name fraud where LEGAL NAME (any/all fictional legal entity formations/references/non-living paper constructs/exists nowhere in any living, conscious form outside of the confines of a dead, legal reality where one must speak or spell it/I.D. into existence for it/I.D. to exist at all) is a fictional character/reality that only exists in the minds of those that create said "fictional charater(s)" be they in a human/sentient/consciously aware form, or any other inanimate/lifeless form, assumed/presumed as living mental/quantum and can only exist between two parties in order for them to exist at all, and, whereas an/the ORIGINAL fundamental nature/construct of the TREATY/CONTRACT/AGREEMENT(s) has been altered/changed/fraudulent and misleading INTENT by one or more contracting parties and, where INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD/TO DECEIVE ANOTHER ACTING AS frauds, liars, thieves etc. et al criminal/evil intentions, hiding behind LEGAL NAME(S)/TITLE(S) are/is exposed by the very use of any/all of these "legality is not reality" fictional constructs that renders any/all users of such things, a FELON/CRIMINAL by deliberately deceptive design and, where I, the living in creation am NOT, nor will I be assumed and/or presumed henceforth and forever a DEAD LEGAL NAME/TITLE I.D.-ENTITY ad infinitum, ab initio, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc;
    1 John 2:15-17
    15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father[a] is not in them. 16 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. 17 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

  7. It's shameful how the President keeps lying about the economy. It's easy to say things are "fine" when the government can press a button and make more "money", however for those of us who actually work to make an honest wage and pay our bills and balance our check books we see things clearly. This is a scary time, the prices of everything we need are increasing. God be with us all! The men in power cannot tell the truth, the truth is not in them.

  8. somebody please get rid of that DAM IDIOT known to be the president he has given 5 trillion dollars in economy helping money to help or in other words PAY the greedy iran who need i remind you all have attacked us with terrorists its their country how stupid can two countries be?. oh wait really stupid.

  9. So many of these videos all saying the same thing and it's never happening. I wish it would but I'm so sick and tired of all these video saying it's going to happen it never does


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