They already had the Hegalian Dialectic set up and ready to go. Problem Bees Dying off, reaction crop failures Solution GMO Insects are ready to roll.
RFB ALUMINIUM BEES DYING OFF BEES WITH DEMENTIA SOLAR SHIELD Help me help others as well as Make much needed upgrades to my equipment and channel
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  1. My husband was shaking his head over "computer-controlled" bees for pollinating plants "in case bees go extinct" when it hit us. NOTHING will work without the mark of the beast, even crop pollination will be controlled. I say let them have their Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. Maybe this is the lost link about the birds falling out of the sky in flocks or dead fish off the shores and seals and the bee "shortage"Has to be Chem trail satanic destruction or as the refer to it as "bioengineering" wtf?!

  3. I planted some flowers for my mom.. not one bee came.. the flowers died and the plant is struggling to live.. I haven't seen any June bettles either.. not many wasps or dragonflies.. when I did see a bee, it was dead or dying😣😭

  4. They want to own and control EVERYTHING. They will kill nature and replace it with things they have patents to. Messing with creation draws the eye of the Lord in my opinion. Bee's are a keystone species like bats. They shouldn't mess with God's critters.

  5. I'm sure these scientists don't give a shit but they cannot mess with God's work! When they start tampering with animal or human life it always ends badly….they cannot play God, why don't they understand that 😢

  6. they fly to aluminum cans to suck the sweet corn syrup from the left over soda that's how I have been noticing since corn syrup been added to soft drinks etc. they get vicious on high fructose corn syrup think about it there disappearing fast my garden is crappy this year with hardly any bees and my aluminum cans no bees just wasp and yellow jackets

  7. Couple of things I've noticed, this year only had one brief appearance of a hummingbird then none. Others say the same. Also, there is a type of mosquito I've noticed, slightly larger than average with an elongated body. When they bite it is like a bee sting followed by whelp. Never experienced these things before. Sadly, the 'genie is out of the bottle'. GMO and chem trailing. Praise YHWH he protects His own.

  8. Check out Gen.6"all flesh was corrupt "! Except Noah "was perfect in his generations", as in genealogy, DNA! "THEY were on the Earth then,and after that also"! WHO THEY?Maranatha,Greetings From Tampa Florida

  9. I have a couple of things to share about the bees and life in general. I through study and research am coming to the conclusion that chemtrails which are heavy in aluminum, barium and other heavy metals are multi purpose. I suspect they are blocking out the sun to implement total domination as in you can't grow your own food if we don't get enough sun. I also suspect that chemtrails are full of smart dust which they are or will be using in tandem with the new 5g technology coming out to see our every move. I suspect we are inhaling the means for our every move and thought to be controlled. If you think about how long cell phones have been extremely popular you can about track our bees and the problems they're having. The Shumann resonance or you may call it our circadian rhythm is the same rhythm that we resonate to, the earth resonates to and the bees resonate to. All of the scrambled radio waves in the air is causing havoc on our whole planet. That's why birds migration is getting all screwed up too. It took us millions of years to come into harmony with earth and all of her life which is our circadian rhythm. The radio waves are like a big messy web if you could see it that is taking over our natural rhythm. This mess has been in the works for hundreds of years but not until the WWW did we begin to see the vast destruction taking place on this planet. By the time the web came out, this power grid was already well under way. You can be assured that whatever NASA and the military know, we are probably a good 20 years behind what they know.

  10. RFB, bees are absorbing aluminum nano particles from chemtrails. (Just ask Harvard.) Chemtrails are out of control today. i would now dare to say they have a more transparent spray that doesn't leave the visible & obvious chum dump lines across our skies, but one can still see the light, satin blue sky around the sun. Get ready, get prepped, go!

  11. BUDDY,
    'Chem-Trails' are ACTUALLY 'Con-Trails', which is short for condensation. When a plane is at a certain altitude going a certain speed, the water vapor in the air around the airplane condenses from pressure change and what-not, leaving behind a trail of condensed water. Keep in mind, Clouds are also condensed water. Are you going to tell me that clouds are just giant puffs of chemicals, and no water condensation naturally occurs on this planet? Are you going to try and tell me that the clouds in our atmosphere cause Alzheimer's, ADD, and Autism? And how do you know the Apple-man chart is disproved by your videos? Can you tell how high the trails are just by looking? Do you have any credible source to prove the Apple-man chart is bogus? Y'Know, other than your hypothesis of the 'CON-TRAIL's altitude.

  12. Where do you get the idea that aluminum doesn't come naturally? Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust at an average of about 8%. And many other factors have been implicated in the decline of bees.


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