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  1. You are correct about Todd White with the things he has said. But with that said, I do wish we Christians would act more like Todd White as in his humble attitude and love towards people. Not to say, to hang out with them but if you see them, be loving to them, but move on from them after telling them the gospel. If we hold the true doctrine of Christ like this channel does but show love to others like he does. That would be amazing. Also we Christians can all heal people in the name of Jesus. But yes, Todd White is falling from true doctrine.

  2. I saw him in Isreal, he was looking for and found Muslims nr the Golden Dome with leg Problems, he sat one down lifted the guys leg and asked if it hurt, of course it did, then he lifted the other leg and did the Magical trick of loosening one shoe so it looked like the leg got longer, yip yippee , then when he slowly lowered the legs he asked had the pain got better, well of course it did. So the guy whom had the leg Problem full of Endorphins and Dopamine Now because he had his legs up in pain of course felt a little bit CURED.( Im Ex Catholic, but, surprised so many stay , when they know that things are wrong , when we were told that Frances was going to be the last Pope in Faith and would be working for Satan. Can't prove it, but, I'm sure the Jesuits are like the Templers, Kabbalah Worshippers. Too many Pope's have been doing Masonic Signs like Prince Harry potter with always one hand in his jacket or doing the Horned Head sign with his hand. If Harries New wife thinks she's going to have her own team at the Birth , she's Sadly wrong. It will be taken and either replaced or have some Sick ceremony done on it. Pray for that innocent Soul.

  3. Ecumenism no thank you, I happen to know some of the history of the catholic church how they tortured, and burned at the stake many thousands if not millions of OUR Brothers and Sisters for claiming salvation outside of the rcc.

    I will never join hands with them because they teach many false doctrines and idol worship is one of them. the pope is not Christ on Earth, most likely the rcc will reach out during the tribulation and say if you join with us you will be spared the persecution, ya thanks but no thanks I would rather suffer the persecution than to join up with the harlot of Revelation 19.

    todd white? wouldn't give you a wooden nickle for him, the guy is a false prophet and faker, but he needs to be prayed for in Love to have his eyes opened so that he is no longer a blind person leading the blind and both gonna end up in the ditch.

  4. Amen Levi. This is the time to pick who's side we're on. No longer setting on the fence. If anyone don't know Jesus Christ is our Lord who came in the flesh is not of God but the Devil. I hate my sins and repented and been convicted. Daily we're at war with the enemy. Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world. I hate this world and don't want any part of it. This is just a temporary address.

    Yes I hear things that are out of tune and I can feel it in my Spirit that it's the enemy. Only one I need is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He comes first before myself. God Bless you for this Brother 🙏

  5. You are right he is false teacher, the pope has an antichrist spirit in him, especially when he said, he's going to baptize aliens, which are cross breeds that are demonic, it reveals itself !

  6. Levi I always knew Todd White was a false teacher. my Spirit witnesses it by the word of God. Catholics need to come out of the Catholic Church I know there are born again Christians in the Catholic Church but they need to come out of that church. i know because I grew up Catholic till I was 17, and did not want anything to do with that Church but my loved ones that are still in the Catholic Church I pray they come out of it. I got saved when I was 33 at home, then The Lord lead me and my family to a Pentecostal Church in Florida that preached the word of God. I went to Non-Dem Church too. but I go by the King James Bible. and study it and let Jesus lead me by the Holy Spirit and I believe in Holiness and walking a Godly life in Christ Jesus and I thank Jesus for your teaching I have learn so much from your Bible teaching

  7. Amen brother us watchmen n women r spread thin. We must warn them as much as we can. Love u brother. LONEWOLF channel. Keep up the Lords work never give up stay strong❤️🙏🏻💪


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