Prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock deals with often-raised questions about America’s future examining prophetic passages that are commonly thought to describe America. Hitchcock concludes that the Bible is actually silent about the role of the United States in the End Times. He then discusses the implications of America’s absence in prophetic writings along with a compelling forecast for the future.

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  1. I dont agree. On the 6th trumpet comes the antitrust BEFORE THE 7TH TRUMP AND ALL HIS BELIEVERS RISE TO THE SKIES TO JESUS WHEN HE RETURNS. So don't be fooled by "The Fake Jesus", because it's SATAN, THE ANTICRIST PRETENDING TO BE HIM.

  2. American believers in Christ Jesus will be save.
    But the left behind American the illuminati, Mason, catholic, Mormon, Muslim, pagan people, false religious leaders will became the instrument of the anti Christ to fulfill their one world religion, one world currency and to worship their god, satan

  3. He said it right, many are believers, but non follow it. America is in bible prophecy. Its not meant for all to understand. Its why Creator chose a specific people, speaking a SPECIFIC LANGUAGE, to be a light( showing by leading), to teach the world. Especially gentiles as described by Paul in the vision of all beasts. Man is of the beast. To teach a gentile roman centurion Cornelius the ways of OUR CUSTOMS AND COMMANDMENTS. Not what christians say about eating swine and other abominations. Christians mind set thinking like that, just made it legal to eat humans, swine, dogs, cats, mice, catfish, shrimp and all other ABOMINATIONS. The same people that have more health problems than any race on earth. Coincidence? Nope, its PROPHECY.

  4. The odds are better that America is Babylon and it's not referenced by the name America because it is just a new Babylon. No country has greater influence or greater export of evil. And the news today points towards the end times. Unless America is destroyed and an old Babylon is resurrected, not likely seeing the judgment of God on the original Babylon. Not to mention the time it would take to create a new Babylon, 100-200 years.

  5. Biblical speaking the End Times was the end of the Earthly old covenant kingdom age that gave way to the eternal Heavenly New Covenant Kingdom of Jesus Messiah without End. All this other stuff is conjecture.

  6. America or no America.
    No flesh shall be saved
    Killed many all around the world.
    So much for thou shall not kill
    So much for love u neighbors as u selfs
    So much for thou shall not covet
    U think the world is blind.
    Depart from me workers of iniquity
    U children will be put to death
    U wife shall be raped
    U young man shall fall
    And u cities shall be filled with wild beast
    U do not know Christ .
    U do not know Yashouwa period.


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