Enes Kanter Freedom, an outspoken critic of the Chinese Communist Party and fervent advocate for the Uyghurs, has accused the National Basketball Association of hypocrisy over its decision to host a “civic engagement night” while staying silent on China’s politics, which he claims the league is “profiting off of.” 

“The NBA’s biggest backer is China — so when they promote Civic Engagement here, do they care to comment about a dictatorship they are profiting off of? The NBA constantly told me ‘we don’t want to get involved in politics’… I guess what they meant to say was ‘we don’t want to upset China.’” 

The NBA does not plan on holding any games on Election Day, but will instead hold a “civic engagement night” on the Monday before the midterm elections take place this November to encourage its viewers to get out and vote.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Kanter Freedom said that while he supports the NBA’s decision not to hold games on Election Day, he is concerned that the league may encourage players and viewers to vote for one party over the other. 

The league has been openly supportive of leftist movements like Black Lives Matter, with numerous players and coaches showing open hostility to former President Donald Trump. 

“I think this move by the NBA is a great idea, Election Day should be a federal holiday where everyone can go out and vote,” said Kanter Freedom. “The issue though is, that the NBA subliminally encourages players to vote for a certain party. I have had coaches lose jobs who expressed conservative values — that’s an issue.” 

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently uncovered recordings that found NBA officials discussing ways to censor Kanter Freedom’s criticism of the Chinese government after he wore anti-CCP slogans on the court. The recordings hinted that China would cut off its ties with the NBA if players like Kanter Freedom remained outspoken about their criticism of its internal policies. 

“This is the evidence of how a 100% American-made company is run by the Chinese dictatorship,” Kanter Freedom said, speaking to Carlson. “Wake up America. This is the league that you have been supporting and watching. Enough is enough. And this is unacceptable.” 

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