Whistle Voice. Whistle Tones. Whistle Register. Whatever you might call it, it’s popular! And singers desperately want to learn how to do it! In the final part of the Vocal Register World Tour, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching reveals the secret to singing Whistle notes. You don’t have to be Mariah Carey. You can just be yourself. Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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  1. Um a countertenor and I can hit a C6! But um I searched on the internet that countertenors use their chest voice to hit C6 but when I use my falsetos my highest notes is like a D6 and my whistle notes start from A6 to Eb7 and um well when I use my falsettos they sound like a powerful version of whistles and I tried to search all over the internet and I guess I couldn't find much about countertenors like the fach and all that so I guess countertenors are rare and instead of complaining um gonna thank God for what him he gave me 💖every vocal type was created equally so what I learnt is if u can't hit a note u can't…its fine cuz u have a note that others can't hit so I hope y'all have a great day and start whistling like Marian Carey😊💖😉🔥

  2. Yep this really helps cuz I know added another notes in my range before I only have G2 to D6 now with whistle register I now have G2 to B7 thank you very much!I appreciate what you're doing.I am sure you're helping many people😁

  3. Hi Justin, back when I was on 10th grade, I really had a good whistle note, I can even control it very well. But when I got sick and strained my voice so much, I got the hard time hitting those notes and several notes that I can hit before. Also, there's a part of my voice that is actually not normal and prevents myself from hitting some notes, what do you think is my case? Thank you so much for your response

  4. I tried this but when I did ,my voice doesn't did the whistle note but more like enormous voice sorry I can't really explain but it doesn't sound like whistle .I don't really know what note I did .can u ask me or anyone??


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