In 1994, Christina McCracken was caught up in the clouds and met the LORD Jesus Christ. In the encounter, the LORD showed Christina two white webs covering the face of Earth and issued a mandate for Christina to remove the webs. The Lord revealed to her the mystery of her encounter in Isaiah 59. Join us as we explore the mystery of this divine encounter!



  1. Really?
    we sometimes live in the place without knowing how our past was dirty in our lives, Dear Lord I pray to open my eyes and see what my past was holding , I wish to put all down so that I may be set free!!

    Be blessed Christina I really don't know what to say but your dialogue opens my eyes!!!!

  2. God bless the guest for this amazing story that has led her to write this book, I hope it is helping many people.

    Thank you Jeff Hutcheon for a great question that has expanded my thoughts, I'm glad that once the holy spirit lives inside me I will hear the voice of God speaks to me!!!

    I'm so happy to know that God has a specific calling on my life which is different from anyone's calling !!!!!

    I appreciate your work brother Jeff Hutcheon & Jon Sborov! your work is not in vain!!!

    The snares are many to us but as Christina says , The Lord's spirit will come and do his restoration in our life , God bless her!!


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