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  1. There was no need for god aka demiurge to send the delusion considering he's omnipotent and already should know who will be saved, and who wont, without the use of petty tricks.

    Sending strong delusions and hardening the hearts if Pharoah violates free will big time.

    Had God not sent the strong delusion people might actually have been able to call it for what it is. Now we will never know since he used a spirit of deception on us.

    Before the church murdered them, gnostics said that the god of the bible was insane, and is the demiurge, a false god.

    Sending spirits of deception on people, which will cost many their lives, doesn't sound like a loving God to me.

    Sounds like an arch demon aka Yaldoboath!

    Take care

  2. It's already here brother, here's the caption from today's Washington Post.

    "A big-bang theory gets a big boost: Evidence that vast cosmos was created in split second"!

    Here's the link…

    Satan is making his final push, first the pope is saying gay is ok and so is abortion!
    Next thing you'll be hearing is that God used evolution to form the world like the Jehovas witnesses! 

    Praise and glory to Jesus the Messiah!

  3. Brother may I inquire what bible program you are using?
    Also does version matter? I just bought a KJV… 
    I'm still watching this video, but I have been meaning to ask you 😀
    I really needed this on this beautiful morning, ty brother


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