Emmanuel The Samaritan English Bible Preach | Revelation 6:5-8 By His Grace Mar Mari Emmanuel, Bishop of Christ The Good Shepherd Church. For your kind donations, please visit our website www.cgsc.org.au/donate



  1. Thank you Bishop Mari for being a faithful servant to the Lord. Your strength and courage is very much appreciated. You are the true doctor administering the authentic antidote for the actual pandemic. May the Lord keep you safe and healthy for my sake and for the sake of all the others who have an ear. God bless you

  2. every day i'm very eager to listen to your original preaching.and i'm very keen toyour messagesyou are very close to my catholic religion. i'm praying to our beloved god and saviour to keep you in good health.i mso happy you are so verticaland fearlessand love our LORD beyond limit. i really appreciate you.thank you

  3. Father Mar Emmanuel may Jesus be with you, my son loves your preaching he is four years old , every time you preaching he called you Jesus, but i corrected him , He also he cried and his face full of sad and heart breaking when he hear the worshiping of songs

  4. It was not about philosophy. Philosophical differences were upheld so stubbornly BECAUSE all denominations wanted to vilify all the others. Why? Because POLITICAL powers expected to have their own spiritual prostitutes so that their soldiers could kill other Christians without remorses. Same thing today. Some preachers for example want to tell their believers that, say, Westerners are not Christians and should be opposed…

  5. No matter how much we learn about the nature of God, we know nothing. We've not allowed to know everything, therefore it's not worth to divide the church for a non-confirmed argument. Our Lord & His beloved Holy Mother are suffering because of our division. Shame on the leaders their ego is more important than honoring & loving our saviour. Let's pray for the unity

  6. Before Covid Came I had a dream that I was in a store looking at something on a shelf and a Man came right up behind me and stuck something sharp in my back and Demanded " Give me your Key to your House" and out of my peripheral vision Iooking over my shoulder I could see the man was wearing a light green shirt and he had dark skin my Response was a firm "No " , even though I was terrified he was going to hurt me with the object he was poking into my back. As soon as I said 'NO" he literally ran away and out the door of the store. I woke up and have never been able to forget this dream. Now Listening to this Sermon made me wonder who this entity with the Light green shirt with the Dark Complexion Demanding I give him my key to my House?? I had been reading the Amplified Bible and the New Testament at the time , each day and before bed at night. I still wonder what that dream was about.

  7. Blessed servant of The Holy Trinity may Grace , Love and Peace from Egizihabeher must High be always with your spirit and may He continue to strengthen you even as He strengthened His Holy disciples and His Holy Apostles. Amen

  8. Wages of sin is death both physically and spiritually speaking not because we are sinners..this is the consequences of Adam's disobedience to the law of God which brought about corrupt nature to all his descendants on earth.
    Now my question is how did saint Elias and saint enoch got away from physical death ? When God punishes mankind this applies on every individual doesn't it? So what is the mystery of their disappearance knowing for fact that one day before the second coming of our lord Jesus they should reappear on earth for a mission of affirmation of the truth about the messiah.
    Isn't it enough we as Christians spreading the truth over the globe? When the rich man begged abraham to send a message to his brothers not to follow the wrong path so they won't end up in eternal torture what he was told then? That they have law and prophets to follow more than a warning for them. So why today things got changed? Isn't the warnings of the forefathers and the saints over the years plus the bible can't do the job?
    Third question concerning the nature of Jesus Christ.
    If God wants to defeat satan this shows weakness for God is the creator of the invisible and visible how can He be evolved in such drama face to face creator against creature? So God has to deal with a complete human having his free will option to operate such fight here comes the idea of God incarnated in human nature to create a new sinless Adam called son of man ( complete man in flesh) to operate with his own will to be the pleasant sacrifice before God. Otherwise this whole idea of Jesus playing God is not logical.
    Jesus is complete God concerning the spirit activated in the flesh. And having complete human nature concerning to the obedience of flesh to the spirit. Without this unification the whole process of salvation cannot be possible. Therefore Jesus has to have two natures in order to operate the great fight legally on behalf of humanity to bring about official sacrifice before God the father otherwise why we call this process a reincarnation?

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