Clearly through social media, NASA has discovered that either no one cares or nobody believes they are going to Mars. So heres the next money swallowing nonsensical endeavor(movie) Europa better by design. WTF
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  1. I cant find the video of him saying at the speed the earth is spinning it wouldn't look round but more like a "PEAR, A PEAR".Β  His answer was prompted by a kid saying wouldn't earth bulge out at equator.Β  BUT NOBODY ASK THEN WHY DO OUR "PICTURES" FROM THE MOON SHOW A PERFET BALL.Β  DEAD SILENCE. A PEAR, Β AND NOODY SAYS A THING, I WAS SCREAMING AT THE TV, LITERALY SCREAMING, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? CALL HIM OUT, CALL THE WHOLE THING OUT…GEEZZZZ, THEY WERE ALL ACTORS!!!

  2. Mark Dice did a video where he asked for donations or to sign a petition/etc…to rescue Matt Damon from Mars re: his latest Documentary. I once lived in San Diego, I have *zero problem believing that Mark Dice's videos are authentic!!

  3. How to detect a BS, you just have to observe the BS going in circles, if is too good to be true then it is just BS, you also have to evolve beyond the BS to not be affected by them.

  4. They can get away with this stuff because people are actually that stupid and do not know how to use the brain that God gave them.
    People are literally getting dumber and dumber.
    If I was a crook and did not care about my salvation it would be so easy to be a millionaire.
    You can tell people literally anything and they will believe it.

  5. pay back is coming and that lake of fire is waiting for them . I think cern is a weapon they are gonna try to use to fight God with on that great and terrible day of his return. That's just my opinion.

  6. Yep, some of the crap they pull out of their ass is priceless.
    My 10 year old nephew without any coaching tells me that the earth is flat and gives some Basic elementary reasons just from basic observations.


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