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  1. you know how to tell the difference between the real and the fake? the fake cant stand to be around real people who are filled with the heavenly father, the son of god jesus christ, and the holy spirit or any form of holy divine intervention and would prefer to do it in the most conveniently indirect way possible while using every lie and excuse possible to make themselves look good and presentable to the public.

  2. There's a lot of people that would get the Vaccine and its Quantum Dot Tattoo (Mark of the Beast), just because they have been told that it's ok to take the Vaccine by Big Churches that have been watered down. It may not be made clear to people what is the mark of the beast, you must have Wisdom to calculate the number of the beast 666 Well this Quantum Dot Tattoo says 2020 060606. It's clear to me that many people will take it because they simply don't know what it is.

  3. 🙌ALL+MIGHTYah Jesus THEternal MESSIYAH BLESS You BeLOVED Brother for your labour of TRUTH+LOVE=TRU📖🩸👑LUV! in The Holy One Of YisrÆL
    appreciation and great respect with ALL+ PRAYERShalom+PEACEternal received onto THEternal WHOLEternally BODY through OURighteous Head of MESSIYAH+CHRIST!
    through THEternal Holy ONEternally OVER ALL The Whole World belongs to YISHRÆL and HISovereign MESSIAH! 🙌👑📖🌬📯

  4. My colleague who is a muslim received the vaccine today because they were going to sack him if he didn"t receive it. I will never receive it though, but i guess only a very few of the population will never receive it. Never going to be easy though.

  5. There is already one that people are talking about. His name is Sananda. He is a new age Jesus. Be careful, because he looks like Jesus, but the divinity isn’t there. I know that the Jesus I know would have the markings on His hands and feet. The Jesus I know would be coming in the clouds, as it says in Revelations. With cgi it could easily fool even the elect.

  6. Deception first starts in our hearts.Theres a scripture that says the deciever will be decieved..meaning you first must have lies(deception) within you,then you will be decieved because there is no light within..We must keep our hearts and tounges Lie-less so that truth is in our hearts which removes the veil..We must be pure in our hearts .


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