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  1. These people have something inside of them that's all there is to it there's demonic spirits working for these people who have made themselves open vessels because laid haven't given Their life to Jesus Christ

  2. Thanks for this video. We lost our 15 year old daughter to the furrie community. It broke our hearts. It's weird and twisted. She left our home to live with bio mom who's a non believer. It broke our hearts. This community steals innocent kids they dress up in costumes but kids think it's fun. It's sexual perversion and pedophiles preying on young kids. It's utterly sick. If you can look up furries. Ive been praying still that she will remember all we taught her about God and that this stuff is going to harm her.

  3. This left me speechless, which is hard to do. I've followed your channel for the past year. I know in my heart that The Holy Spirit led me to your channel. I have NO DOUBT that what you are saying is straight from our Holy Abba, Yahweh, Yeshua. I pray for you and your family daily. I pray that the POWER of Jehovah-Nissi shields you & yours with His Holy Angels and shields. I am awake, sober and alert and know, without a doubt we are living in the "days of Noah" or worse; but watching this, I truly thought that you were joking around. I had to do my own research, wish I hadn't. Once seen, known, well, you CAN'T un-know something. May God continue to use you as His Mighty Mouthpiece.

  4. Honey, Im 60 years old, and this junk has been going around forever! I remember when i was18, and the fetish was dressing up in teddybear costumes……..when Walmart started getting them in 2016 for adults, I dont go to Walmart anymore….not natural….they the bears will come out next!


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