God doesn’t want you to live life on your own. Take time to acknowledge God each morning and include Him in your daily lives. We must lean on God every day and let Him fill our weaknesses with his power. No matter what you can’t do, God can do.

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Our focus is to inspire, motivate and encourage believers in their walk with God.



  1. Seeking His voice all day long, as much as possible is very important to strengthening the relationship. The more you get used to using discernment between His voice and that of the flesh the more confidence you will have knowing that what you are hearing is from the Lord and not your flesh. Mistakes will happen early on, learning and building upon the daily simple things in life allows you to grow into a confidence of the voice being the Spirit's leading, not of the flesh. This discernment is vital when the major issues of life present themselves, this way you stay in step with the will of the Lord. What better place is there? This is very important to your Christian growth and maturing process and is always evolving. Hope this helps.

  2. Dearest LORD JESUS thank you that you are helping me to change. Help me to accomplish my dreams and glorify you for the blessings that you give to on daily basis. Lord you are my rock and my refuge. Lord help to fight my battles and bless me and my family. May God's blessings reach each and everyone in the world and universe for all eternity! Amen 🙏


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