Seattle mayor announces plan to dismantle ‘CHOP’ zone following shootings

Shootings inside CHOP / CHAZ Seattle: Heavily Armed CHOP Security

Councilmember Sawant, faith leaders demand 1,000 affordable homes


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  1. 100% TSTF – Trump vs Biden turned into, (Criminals Looting& burning down poor store owners who represents BIDEN- vs Normal Law Abiding People who just want to live a normal American Life Representing Trump)- in most White and even Intelligent Black Opinions

  2. Chaz is a nickname for Charles which means free man (Prince Charles). Chop is to cut (ties). Also very symbolic for clearing the woods for building, farming (lots of axe symbolism in American history). Tomahawk is a fake native American word, actually is Toma which is short for Thomas which means twin (two pillars Strength and Beauty – Adam and Eve), and Hawk is a bird of prey – fallen angels. The ritual is to break free of the dominion of Heaven and be led by the fallen angels, ruled by the planets. The twin hawks are Apollo and Artemis (twins) which are the Sun and Moon – they want the two to become one – as the Bible said, having the knowledge of Good and Evil both to be as gods. The "chop":

  3. They used those woke, soy filled, proud sinners, the way they should be used.
    To make the world laugh, and to destroy and crumble society as we know it, useful delusional idiots.
    I don't feel good living in today's world let alone be proud, just disgusting.
    May god bring his judgment soon.

  4. My God i can't believe what is happening with the world, I think we all had a felling 1 – 2 years ago that something was going to happen, but daaamn this is CRAZY – who survive all this they will have something to talk about, God help all good ppl no matter the colour and religion BLM YES, ALL LIFE'S MATTER – ALM, ppl have lost their moral compass all over the world – just remember 6 months ago everything was normal more or less, this is becoming asylum for us all.

  5. Amen! We are awake and walk in the true Light of Jesus Christ. That day will NOT come upon us like a thief. We are watching and standing fast in the faith. Don't let our love wax cold. We need to share the true Gospel.
    So good to see you back.
    So awesome to have that Scripture. Always make it about faith in Jesus Christ. The rabbit hole is so deep, dark, despairing, distracting. See Phil 4:8 for true positive thinking.

  6. As Christ said, “My kingdom is NOT of this world.” So we should not be alarmed by the events orchestrated by Ruler of this world, Satan/ Lucifer. The peasants of this earthly kingdom blindly follow the many devious plans of Lucifer and has them to fulfill His will. To annihilate as many humans as possible. Getting his followers to fight each other until all are dead.

  7. Manipulated people who willingly choose to not think and blinded all the more by their own pride/lust. Satanically led controllers who bid evil’s schemes against us all; thinking they’re somehow earning brownie points with the devil who is impartial with his hatred upon all mankind. Nothing humorous here, it’s just heartbreaking. Proves how much mankind wants absolutely nothing to do with God and His ways, who loved us all anyways.

  8. I'll ask again but I think I know why..
    Why do you constantly flash CIA-like subliminal, mind control messages, psychedelic images etc. in all of your videos?. We're on to you Mr. Monotone mind control tactic guy.


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