I was watching a channel for listening I should say and I couldn’t help but notice how often he had the air of superior already acting as though people that didn’t know what he knew where he needs it ain’t about that it shouldn’t be like that either



  1. Sweetheart, watch David Wilcox, what you think is satanic, isn't, we literally live in a biblical evil world, and the truth, the actual truth, is amazing. Our society trained us to be slaves. David Wilcox has a great idea 🙂 just love everyone, love love love 😉 hate is not apart of God.

  2. Here we go again!!😞😞. Not surprised. Mabe a superbeing will help us!! Mabe he's called The Master!! I looked up how many times Jesus was called The Master and it was very few!! Mabe I'm crazy, what do you think??

  3. RFB, brother, I've been thinking the same thing for a good while now. There's too many self-appointed prophets cracking unknown codes, and people having dreams and visions that mean nothing more than too many anti-depressants or one too many vikes before bed. Fact is, we really don't know anything for sure about this stuff, everyone could be wrong to the umpteenth degree. Not to mention the vast number of "click bait" posters out there who poison people's minds with a steady drip-feed of bogus info, then beg for subscribers or donations. Case and point: All we can do is trust and love God, because there's plenty of things about our own Bible that we don't understand. Even the great prophets didn't entirely understand what they were being shown. John (The Revelation of Jesus Christ) didn't fully understand what he was seeing or being shown, he just did his best to describe it. Just imagine what The Revelation would say if it were written in our modern age, it might scare us stupid. John didn't know what a satellite was, or an attack helicopter or tank, so he described things the best way he could using what he could compare it to 2,000 years ago. In his time, the wheel and sun clock was the most common technology.

  4. Yes! Your theory and believe on CERN is also mine too! I felt the world has been converted and so different lately on almost everything! Thanks for your videos btw!

  5. the funniest thing about these times is the amount of people who say religious people are crazy but yet themselves fully believe in evolution & eat up anything scientific that is thrown at them…Because apparently every form of science is for the betterment of mankind. Ricky Gervais's atheism argument was that if the world ended now in 10000 years science books would be around but Religous text wouldn't…I can't even fathom in my own brain how that even makes sense or how anyone would have a clue what the world will be like in that time but my brother actually quoted that line to me when I told him that the way the world is set up could of and is most likely was done by some kind of god or gods. It wouldn't surprise me if a diffent generation of living beings takes over from the previous incarnation, fucks things up then creates something in their own image at the end that takes over and does the same cycle…human demise is coming just as robot A.I is ready to take over…

  6. If everything is a theory and nobody knows everything then why are you so blindly religious. You loose a lot of intelligent people when you speak of demons. Us in the higher degrees know the difference and wonder how iq's can drop so low as to convince people that institutions manipulate information to trick people into studying their pseudo sciences and yet the same people believe in bibles written by the same free mason Jesuits. It's hilarious. An sad. Talk about running uphill with ice skates on

  7. As long as you allow your self to be manipulated by religion you will always be behind and never discover the truth about reality because your conditioned by the same elites you condemn. Your a Hippocrates.

  8. I wiould never pay for that extra hour
    Crrow777 has some great points but some of his stuff is bullshit
    I don't like the Crowley numbers
    I like your channel better because you and I are more alike personality wise and you are way more humble
    Thanks RFB and God bless

  9. I love you Richie, I feel close to you like a brother but i have never had the pleasure of meeting you face to face. Your so honest and truthful I just love it & love you for spittin the truth!

  10. But that is all the same
    For instance if everyone was awake some would choose to stay sleeping

    Think about how many times this has played out

    Some people are happier asleep

    Truman show etc


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