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  1. there are 7 types of evolution and only one type is observable… its called macro evolution. its just different variations in the same kind of animal. like dogs… there is like 80 different species of them, but they are all still dogs.

  2. Don't believe in evolution but who created the Earth then who is this God? so many human bullshit? I don't think people really know anything they just make things up as they go. Let's just say? evolution is not real Earth is flat so God created all? Lol Gods,, Evolutions, Flat Earth . humans are full of shit. CNN is even more full of shit.. Lol everyone is making money off Bull shit…

  3. Richie brother you nailed it. I'm a believer the evidence it undeniable outstanding. This has kept me up at night trying to deduce what caused Lucy's death. At first I thought it might have been a band of rogue aliens in search of a subject to do an anal probe. Then I had to discount that because as we have been told aliens are the one's who started life here, and would have already probed. So, as I sit here in the basement of my neighbors home in the dark pondering this history changing event, in a fit of rage I shake my fist in the stale dank air of my neighbors basement and yell Lucy, Lucy, you sexy hairy bitch I have to know how you met your tragic demise. Then I realized I was in my neighbors basement and my fit of tragic rage I awoke them ( I knew this because I heard him shout to his wife to call the police and get my gun somebody has gotten in our basement again ) so I quickly left my new bedroom through my secret door. I ran through the backyard and as I was expertly climbing the oak tree just off his property line ( I picked this tree because it was a good 85 feet tall with lots of concealment with well established limbs and it gave me the best view of this particular house ) in my hast to get up the tree and into my hiding spot I missed my hand hold and fell out of the tree. That's when it came to me poor Lucy must have fallen out of a tree escaping from a predator or another horney hairy ape type slash humanoid pervert and fell to her death. That about sums it up I hope I had enough detail in my story. Yea it has me convinced we came from Lucy or a reasonably facsimile there of.

  4. Reminds me a bit of the 2014 movie directed by Luc Besson called "Lucy" starring Scarlett Johansson, which seemed more like a fantasy of Luc Besson about who (or what) human beings could become…….through using lethal does of experimental drugs, of course.

  5. holy shit man, i finally know why my state laws are all fucked up now. Mongoloids like you live here. i bet you're going to vote yes on 2 so you're kids can have book burnings at your new school

  6. One thing I've been using to wake people up from the evolution lie is to say to them – if 1 billion people existed in 1800 and 7 billion exist today, how far back do you think that curve goes at the average rate that humans reproduce? And their jaws always drop its so funny. Seriously tho, if Humanity (not including other species they claim we evolved from) was 200,000 years old there would be millions and millions of people per square inch and thats probably an understatement… The sad thing is that even tho I get those rusty gears turning in their heads they still refuse to believe that they were lied to since the day they were born because they psychologically cannot accept that level of evil… So instead of getting mad at the people (and entities) that lied to them, they just get mad at me and tell me to put on my tin foil hat.

  7. Awesome! I'm totally convinced. I'm tossing my bible, I'll stop praying to our Father & ignore The Holy Spirit…..NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. In fact, I think I'll dig in more! They are telegraphing their plans loud & clear! They are going to start their party soon. I hope to meet you someday Brother!!!!!

  8. hahahaha hahahaha best fucking comedy fails I've EVER seen, how can anyone believe any so called scientist, madmen in white coats, much like our current doctors and all so called "professional" researchers, etc., that have degrees, I'd say their degrees are off the charts! mentally imbalanced, indoctrinated, totally mind fucked, Lol, that's lame and I'm blown away at the level of absolute retardation of the ability to think period! They're completely fucking mad, bonkers!! holy shit that is some horrible fantasy la la land these fuck wads teach! What a sorry state education has become, has always been, declining rapidly!! Lol!! Wow! thanks btw, great video! 🙂✌🏻️

  9. Every primate on the earth has 47 chromosomes, we only have 46. Just my opinion, our DNA was messed with & both Sumerian accounts and the sky fairy book confirm something to this effect happened.

  10. Ritchie 2 things, all publicity is good publicity, so yes, let the trolls come, and #2 I do believe this video, why you ask? because I am 6 foot and my mom is 4 feet tall……. hahahaa, which is true but yes lucy is BS

  11. The concept that we are just animals, only slightly removed from apes means that there are no moral standards, no laws worth obeying, no future, and no hope. These people who worship satan are only mocking God! Just like that little symbol of the bitten apple on the iPads and laptops. but Yahweh will have the last and final word. And His name was called the word of Yahweh. There is coming a day like no other and it will be very great and terrible who could want it! pray that we may be worthy to withstand all these things! Shalom my friends


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