Musician and artist Jenny Weaver shares her incredible testimony of faith despite growing up in an abusive home and delving into witchcraft as a young woman. Now, Weaver warns that those dabbling in Wiccan are trying to unleash spells and it’s even infecting Christians and the church.

CBN’s Charlene Aaron has the interview.

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  1. Parents have got to be more proactive in teaching their kids that these Satanic things are dangerous and something never to be involved in. Demons are real! And their activity in this world is at heightened levels right now. Teach your kids, even your young kids!

  2. Usually the second ones when they bring real demonic stuff the movie sucks. Especially when they poke fun at using the Lord name as a joke. That’s what happened with Hocus Pocus. That sequel was trash! There were two funny parts I can think of.

  3. God bless you woman for renouncing that practice. However the scripture you quoted you quoted wrong. In end days If it were possible even the elect would be deceived. Jesus said he will KEEP all whom the Father gives him. So no we will not be deceived. Thank The Holy Spirit.

  4. Yet many stand firm that people are not influenced negatively by entertainment (movies, music, video games, etc.). Apologies if already commented on here, I haven’t read any other comment.

  5. I saw the spell books in Marshalls too, and decided not to shop there again. Before entering the aisle however. I was immediately bothered. That was the Holy Spirit warning me I was going to see something demonic and would meed to pray, which I did.

  6. When you accept Jesus , and are given the Holy Spirit, you will cease to be who you were and become a brand new creation. We are all still sinners , but nothing unclean can stand against the light of the Holy Spirit.

  7. Crystals are nothing to do with black magic healing crystals is energy just like negative ions it helps healing going to extremes saying burning an incense or using crystals for faster healing has nothing to do with it going to extremes and just jumbling everything in one basket is wrong and we will go back to the old days and start burning people for just burning incense or using and copper bracelets for joints this is all natural remedies for healing natural treatments instead of anti inflammatorys or pain killers or joint inflammation please people let’s keep an open mind and scientific one physics and energy this is what are world moves on and our body needs we don’t need extra meds and anti depression medication we need to heal natural as much as possible but what they are saying is grouping witch craft with natural healing crystals and incense so soon we will have innocent people burned at the stake like the good old days please people ignorance is dangerous and can harm people to

  8. I agree with everything except healing crystals that is a natural remedy instead of some pain killers it’s way better to use then pain killers that damage your kidneys and liver Allah god has given is natural remedies all around us to treat us

  9. I really felt for the girl being interviewed, she seemed to be kind and level headed, very brave, be though a lot, nothing but positivity for her,..reading the comments, are sad thou, but if your not letting your kids watch something like Harry Potter, or hocus pocus 2 because its harmful “witchcraft” you’re going to be harming your child whether you realize it now or when your relationship with them get so bad they don’t talk to you, shockingly cruel acts violence in horror movies is a heck of a lot different then “witchcraft”. I’ve had two different friends that lived that way growing up, and they just hate there parents now, and look passed religion now too because it reminds them of a controlling and paranoid childhood , just throwing it away because you can’t tell what’s real and what’s harmless g rated, maybe pg, content that might need an adult there to reassure them that there’s no ghosts, or things that will hurt them in real life, not the opposite. Your all adults, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to “witchcraft” or ouija boards, and to teach that they are and that unknown forces are just waiting to strike and harm you or your grace with god, to teach that too children..if you don’t let your kids watch Harry Potter, there a powder keg just waiting till the day where they dislike you in a different then just a teenager way,and don’t talk to you much, later in life, or become and addict/ both or.. maybe they live the same ignorant life as there parents.

  10. I hear you on some of this but crystals and sage are from the earth and are part of many sacred lineages and native heritage hmmm lysol is full of poison to recommend that over sage makes no sense.

  11. Im sure someone in the comments has said it but burning sage is a Native American practise it does not belong to the new age. Most stuff doesnt belong to the new age, new age just appropriates from different cultures.


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